Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 177

The weekend is a great time to put a closed sign in the window of the cranial cafe even if it’s only for a few hours. As unlicensed doctors, we recommend games. Games let you continue to stimulate your noggin in different ways, receive a satisfying jolt of dopamine for success, and relax at the same time. We’re not neuroscientists, but our many years of work in the living room labs with controllers in hand support that hypothesis.

Will we finally earn the Nobel Prize we justly deserve for our work? Probably not. At least we have the positively, peer-reviewed work by you, our esteemed colleagues in the field. The intellectual ideas may be expressed in terms of things done to the mother of another colleague, but that’s just healthy debate in the community.

Here is how we are continuing our research this weekend. Be sure to drop your own plans in the comments. For science!

Max Taylor

I’ve just started my final year of uni so while I’ll have significantly less time to play games I’m planning to make the most of the little time I will have. This weekend Hope and I will continue working towards the Borderlands 3 platinum and I’ll try to fit in some more time to catch up with Banner Saga 1 & 2.

Kyle Durant

There’s not much to do until The Outer Worlds and Close to the Sun release later this month, but a Dauntless review is calling and Borderlands 3’s True Vault Hunter mode still needs to be completed. Also, I’m pretty sure I need to play the fourth episode of the disappointing second season of Life is Strange.

Jason Frye

I’ll be trying to get my reviews done. I’ll be trying to focus, but Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Path of Exile are looking lonely, so they may slip into a little bit of time this weekend too.

The rest of the crew couldn’t be pulled away from some pressing experiments in the lab, but they’ll be back next week with some impressive results. Or a monster will destroy the HQ. Either way, we’re excited.

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