Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 179

It’s a big weekend in the rugby. Especially for those of us in red who have the 100 minute game fresh in our minds. But you have to test yourself if you’re ever going to better yourself, so it’s best to Biggar yourself up and go for the (Alun) Wyn. Let’s just hope we get that ball North over the posts!

But if funny shaped balls aren’t your bag, why not slouch in front of the telly with a good game? Because it’s still exercise if your thumbs are moving.

Chris Harding

I’ve got to work this Saturday (bleh!) but I’ll be playing some Northgard once I’m home, for review duties, of course. I’ve also got some Oculus Quest games to review over on (shameless plug…) Pure PSVR, so be on the lookout for them over the weekend. I think I’ll give Tropico 6 another evening, too, and see if I can’t get to the Modern Era without having to kill off a few troublesome citizens looking to overthrow me. Hopes are not high on that one…

Jeremy Peterson

I have a literal bevy of games to play this weekend. I’m not even sure where to start. I’m still scavenging my way through Borderlands 3 for god’s sake! I recently popped in Blood and Truth on PSVR to check out the new challenges and they are pretty damn fun. Probably take to the mean streets of London for that, plus I’ve got enough Oculus games to play for review it’s downright ridiculous. May have to quit my day job! Oh wait, I did.

Jason Frye

It’s a busy weekend, but I’m carving out time for reviews. I will be playing more of the enhanced editions of Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale for review this weekend. They take me back to a simpler time. The writing is fantastic, which is good, because they both have a lot of reading. I’ll also be dipping into the pixel-y Forager for something completely different.

Kyle Durant

I need to wrap up our The Outer Worlds review by completing my second playthrough and maybe even start a third. After that it’s either reviewing that Mars Light Gun system if it arrives or catch up on some backlog. That or sleep all day.

Max Taylor

I’ll be wrapping up my time with Eastshade and putting out my review. Otherwise I’ll be jumping around a strange selection of games from my backlog including Pixel Ripped 1989, Stick It To The Man and The Last Guardian.

Stuart McLean

Cat Quest 2 will be taking up my time for review this weekend, and when I’m not off chasing my tail I’m hoping to dust off my PSVR and try the Concrete Genie experience as I aim to mop up the last few trophies that taunt me alongside the Platinum.

Hannah Ellis

I will be distracted by the rugby on Sunday, despite missing most matches up until now. However, I’m also trying to find room for a racing wheel set-up, so the tape measure will be making an appearance. Oh, and my controller is also having drifting issues, which means it will find itself in parts too. Because I’m too “frugal” just to buy another. In short, not much gaming but quite a bit of “admin”.

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