Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 18

It’s the weekend, baby, and that means Pure PlayStation’s scribes all throw off their shirts and ties, get naked, and play some games. Here’s what the bunch of perverts are playing this weekend:

Chris Harding

My weekend gaming is looking rather good for a change. I’ve got a few hours free on Saturday night that I’m going to use on going back into The Division. Then on Sunday I’ll be skipping Songs of Praise on BBC 2 in favour for a few rounds of Guitar Hero Live. Simple pleasures for a simple man.

Jason Frye

I will be working on Claire: Extended Cut over an extended holiday weekend. Other than that, I will mostly be spending some time with my extended family.

Kyle Durant

I’ve dug myself in a hole for the first time in a long while. As ever I’m going to play Rocket League with friends and hop on Overwatch again since competitive season 2 has started early. Let’s just hope I don’t get flabbergasted at the stupidity of randoms like last time… A new addition to my playlist is Strike Vector Ex. Quite a fun, spaceship, combat game that really could use more people in its community. Hint: look it over on the PS Store and buy it if you’re into space combat games! I’ll also hop on No Man’s Sky for a few just to take in the beauty of the game again. Lastly, when all is said and done I like to unwind with another new game of mine. Uno. Except when I am repeatedly made to pick up cards and lose three or more consecutive turns.

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Dom O’Leary

I’ll be continuing my dabbling with the battlefield 1 beta (barring any more DDOS attacks!), giving DOGOS a fair crack of the whip with a second playthrough, and continuing to mess up every conversation in Deus Ex… who needs social augs? (Me, both in-game and IRL) Ooh, almost forgot about the Nioh beta demo… Will I be doing anything other than playing games this weekend? No, no I won’t. [Some articles wouldn’t go a miss 😉 – Ed]

So that’s what we’re doing this weekend. As always, we invite you to hop down to the comments and tell us what you’ll be playing with this weekend. Let’s try and keep it on games though, yeah?

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