Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 180

Two of the biggest games of the year release today, and you face a Sophie’s choice – the new Call of Duty or The Outer Worlds (review). It’s nice to be spoiled for choice, and it’s even nicer to see that both are receiving decent reviews. More good games is always a good thing for everyone.

Which one are you choosing? Will you take the shooting and gritty realism (for a game, of course) of COD or will you take the journey to another planet with plenty of RPG goodness in The Outer Worlds? Will you just skip both? We have our answers below, and be sure to let us know what you chose and why in the comments.

Justin McKay

Having just discovered PS Now, I’ll be revisiting titles I’ve previously missed (plus saving money by not buying ‘retro’ games this week). The kids are away for the weekend, so I’m looking to blitz something full of eff-bombs, stay up late drinking grown-up drinks, then regretting it all in the morning. Maybe it’s Duke Nukem Forever on the PS3 then…

Max Taylor

Hope and I started Divinity Original Sin 2 last night and lost several hours to it so I expect that will end up consuming much of our weekend. That being said, I’ll do my best to make some time for my backlog with Batman: The Enemy Within and The Last Guardian.

Kyle Durant

This weekend I’ll hopefully be working on the site’s Close to the Sun review and finishing up all the Mars Light Gun system reviews. Four reviews in a span of a few days should finally get Chris to admit Horizon Zero Dawn is the best PS4 RPG.

Stuart Mclean

This weekend I plan on not doing much of anything but eating (to stay alive), drinking (to stay alive) and playing, because that’s what weekends were invented for. Having just downloaded The Outer Worlds that’s my weekend plan in a nutshell.

Jeremy Peterson

Life is pretty good right now I gotta say. I have a bit of free time on my hands and I plan on wasting a good deal of it with a controller in my hand. Is it 1997 or something? I’m just over here playing and enjoying some Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I’m also finishing up Crazy Machines VR for review. After that, I’ll switch headsets and play my new favorite boxing game: Thrill of the Fight on the Quest.

Hannah Ellis

I’m waiting for a certain plumber to get himself locked in a haunted mansion again, with nothing but his Dyson for protection. So this weekend will be filled with a lot of jobs to free up time next week. However, I am starting FF VII on the PS1, which means I may be less productive than I’d hoped. Not to mention the rugby, again!

Jason Frye

I want to get through my reviews before I buy another game, so the siren song of COD or The Outer Worlds will need to wait a little longer. With that in mind, I will be playing an unnamed game and more of the enhanced versions of Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale.

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