Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 181

After endless trailers and hype, Death Stranding reviews finally dropped today. Somewhat surprisingly, they were mixed. Some called it genius, and others called it garbage. I guess anything but perfect 10s everywhere is bad news to super fans and Sony’s investors, but maybe people angry about it going to the PC can cool off now.

Should you play it? The smart money is on reading the reviews. (We are a gaming site with reviews. What else would we say?) The smarter money is probably on reading the reviews, and then try it yourself to know whether those reviews are right or wrong, especially on something like this. The most independent choice goes to the cowboys and cowgirls (cowpersons?) who saw the reviews (or chose not to look at them), and understand that you can take the Kojima out of Konami, but you can’t take Kojima out of Kojima. His brand of weird is right up their alley. They won’t blindly overlook his faults, but they won’t fault him for being who he is. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

As we wait for Death Stranding to be available for everyone, here’s what we are playing this weekend. Drop your thoughts about the game’s reviews, whether you’ll be picking it up, and what you’ll be playing this weekend in the comments.

Max Taylor

Tonight I am getting spooky and drunk with friends! Happy belated Halloween to all

Justin McKay

Fridays are my retro haul day and I managed to get some Xb*x and Dr**mc*st titles, but will likely be sticking with the trusty PS4 as bought the Bioshock Collection and a few others. Looking forward to trying out Bioshock Infinite for the first time. I’ll also be doing some arts and crafts, but I’m sure you don’t want to know that. That’s one for the players.

Chris Harding

Reviews! I’ve got about six or seven games on the go at the minute and I’m struggling to get my head around them. This weekend will be spent finishing off a few games and then getting the reviews out the door.

Kyle Durant

Until Death Stranding next week it’s backlog time. I hunted down some sales and bought A Plague Tale Innocence, Control, Devil May Cry 5, and the new Disney’s Aladdin and Lion King remasters. I only plan on actually getting through one of these by next Friday, but my options are open!

Jeremy Peterson

The top video game priority of the weekend is my review of Synth Riders on the Quest. I think I like it, but what do I know? After that, I plan on driving the wife crazy with some more Modern Warfare multiplayer with my son. I’m not that good but he is, and the plan is maybe if I follow him closely, I’ll learn something. I’ve also been playing a lot of Thrill of the Fight on the Quest. It’s a hell of a workout and a lot of fun.

Hannah Ellis

Three words – Luigi’s Mansion 3! And as I’ve slacked off this afternoon to start it, I can say it is scarily good. But just in case I’m accused of neglecting Sony’s entertainment offering, I’ll also be dogfighting in Ace Combat 7. I can feel the Gs already!

Stuart Mclean

Having pretty much neglected my PS4 this last week I’ve only spent a few hours with The Outer Worlds, so I plan on giving that the attention it deserves.

Jason Frye

I am spending all my free time on reviews, because I’ve told myself I can’t play anything new until they’re done. After that, the self-discipline dam will break, and I’ll be back to regular, unscheduled gaming mayhem.

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