Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 182

Another weekend is fast upon us, and with Halloween being out of the way, it means it’s nearly Christmas! Yes, I know it’s still more than a full month away, but I’m excited all the same. It means we’ll soon have Black Friday deals on games, and then Christmas Sales in the run-up to the big day itself. It’s the time of year where I tend to go a little mental and buy everything, so I love it.

With the weekend knocking on the door, some might be out getting some Christmas shopping done early, but not us lot at Pure PlayStation. We’re staying in, closing the blinds and playing some games. Here’s what we’re up to this week:

Chris Harding

I’ve got to work on Saturday, but I’ll definitely be having a late night with Let’s Sing Country and Let’s Sing 2020. My neighbours will be so pleased… I’ve got a few games to review, too, with the likes of Northgard and Woven to keep me busy. I’m also playing a few VR games for both Pure PlayStation and Pure PSVR (our VR-focused sister site) so I won’t be left without activities this weekend. It may technically be work, but it’s the best kind of work to do.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ve got a bunch of great games to play this weekend, which means I’ll probably be too busy to play them much. I actually have to play some of them because review duties wait for no man. My favourite so far is Pistol Whip, and I’m not gonna mention what my least favourite is. Probably play some more Synth Riders for the Quest too, cause some doctor keeps trying to knock me off the leaderboard and I don’t like it.

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Max Taylor

Another busy weekend of balancing uni work, art work and video games alongside some moderate/heavy drinking to ease the stress. Thankfully I have the rather lovely Spirit of the North to play through for review so that will be providing some much-needed solace.

Jason Frye

I’m almost done with another review, so I’ve allowed myself to start The Outer Worlds. In my short time with the game, I’m already a minor menace and smooth-talking my way up to major threat. That and the review should keep me more than busy this weekend.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will probably be one of the few that has me either trying to understand Death Stranding or get high enough until it makes sense. Because Kojima was smoking some serious sh!t with this one.

Hannah and Stuart are missing this week. I’d make a joke about them doing something up a tree, but it’s 2019 and I’d probably get cancelled.

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