Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 184

We don’t know about you, but the idea of buying a game with a hefty discount is a great feeling. If you’ve put off buying something because of a lack of funds, we can sympathize. Games not yet on our GOTY list may be purchased soon. That’s why we look forward to the holiday next week.

Not Thanksgiving, you silly, yet sexy, goose. We’re talking about Black Friday with the thrill of the bargain hunt and scooping up an armful of new games for a fraction of the original cost. All those hours of quests, stories, and millions of rounds of ammunition are waiting for you to bring them home.

Here is what we’ll be doing to prepare for the increased backlog. Let us know your plans in the comments and if there is any special game you’ve been waiting for the right price to play.

Justin McKay

I may just give up Death Stranding as never the time to play. Instead, I’m binging Shenmue 3 in the hope that I stay on track with the story and stop straying to pick up herbs to work on my haggling skills or talking to the local hags. Life… imitating… art…?

Stuart Mclean

I’m determined to make a decent hole in my ever-increasing backlog, so before I start anything new it’s Fallen Order or nothing this weekend, and my plan is not to leave the house until the end credits have rolled or the platinum has popped, whichever comes sooner.

Hannah Ellis

Another backlog unblocker here – specifically the three I’ve almost finished. But The Outer Worlds is still keeping me hooked so maybe I’ll just plough on with that. Then I’ll have space for Fallen Order…

Jeremy Peterson

I’m still playing Fallen Order and having a good time wrecking the galaxy with the greatest red-headed Jedi that ever lived. I haven’t finished it yet due to the many games I have going for review. Most of them are VR games including Espire 1: VR Operative for the Oculus Quest, and it’s awesome so far.

Max Taylor

No Fallen Order for me until the Christmas break. With deadlines imminent, I don’t have time to play games unless they’re for review and even those feel like I’m slacking off from the uni grind. However, if I’m feeling rebellious, I’ll spend some more time with Spirit of the North and Lost Ember to sweep up their remaining trophies.

Kyle Durant

The backlog continues to be whittled down with only DMC5, Sea of Solitude, and Disney’s Lion King/Aladdin Remaster. Once at least two of them are finished I can start piecing together my GOTY piece which will undoubtedly feature Horizon Zero Dawn and insults to Chris.

Chris Harding

I’ve got the weekend off due to sickness (boo!) but not the kind of sickness that keeps you away from playing games (yay!). I’ve got some work to be doing on Pure PlayStation and our sexy sister site, Pure PSVR, which is mostly reviews. I’ve got a few VR games to play, including Espire 1: VR Operative and Vader Immortal Episode 3. My flat-screen gaming will see me finishing Terminator: Resistance, Singstar Country, Singstar 2020, and playing King of the World with Tropico 6.

Jason Frye

When I’m not working on a review, I’ll be playing more of the Borderlands 3 trial and The Outer Worlds. I’ll also be playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 with the kids. Those controls are not my favorite, but it’s a lot of fun.

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