Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 185 – The Black Friday One

It’s Black Friday, which can only mean one thing – that we’ve all bought something we shouldn’t have (like WWE 2K20, or one of the other games we were warned about). That’s despite us not needing it and probably not even wanting it. But the thought of missing out on a deal was enough to prise our purse strings open. Let’s just hope we got a bottle of Jack Daniels on discount, too, to drown our sorrows tomorrow…

But regret is not for tonight. So paint on a smile and be proud of yourself. You’ve done good-ish. And you didn’t resort to fighting over cuddly carrots like they are here in the UK; that deserves congratulations in itself.

Soon you will have the evidence in your hands. But in the meantime, whilst you’re refreshing your order page awaiting its dispatch, why not read our plans for the weekend ahead and share a glimpse at yours. Better yet, tell us what you saved today thanks to Black Friday.

Jason Frye

Between holiday time with family this weekend, I’ll be working with my favourite corporation, Sublight, as I try to complete The Outer Worlds. When I need something more kid-friendly, I’ll be bustin’ ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Max Taylor

Like clockwork, I have the annual pre-Chrimbus flu. While I reluctantly have uni work to do, I’ll make sure I have time this weekend to get started on this year’s backlog with Devil May Cry 5 alongside writing up my review of Gris.

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Kyle Durant

I don’t even know what this weekend holds with the holiday and the sales and whatnot. I’m most likely going to finish my Last Labyrinth review and maybe partake in some Overwatch (yes we’re back on good terms) and start Sea of Solitude.

Justin McKay

A late entry into the PSVR world, I’ve bitten the bullet with the purchase and giving society the thumbs down once more and retiring to my man cave. In other news, I’m trying to get the most out of Shenmue 3 still and “uncharacteristically”, going to attempt Death Stranding for a third consecutive weekend.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll be celebrating my weekend waiting impatiently for my Black Friday purchased VR gaming computer to arrive. In the meantime, I’m still scavenging the world of Golem VR and traipsing across the galaxy in Fallen Order. And then something about spending time with the family.

Hannah Ellis

I’ve done pretty well today – what with my steering wheel purchase and stamp collection acquisition. And guess what? I don’t regret either. So my weekend will be spent drifting across tarmac and sorting through countries with a big fat grin on my face. Just when you thought my coolness couldn’t be topped, right?

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