Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 186

The PlayStation brand officially turned 25 this week, and the PlayStation team has been looking back at their accomplishments and milestones on social media and the PlayStation Blog. In some ways, it’s crazy to think that it’s been that short considering the amazing success of the platform. With the PS5 coming around this time next year, there’s no sign of it slowing down. That makes us very happy, and we look forward to another 25 years of great games and memories.

Here is what we’ll be playing this weekend. Be sure to drop your plans or favorite PlayStation console or game in the comments.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ve still got a ton of games up for review so that will take up most of my gaming time this weekend, including Jedi: A Fallen Order. The game is tough for me, and I’m still trying to perfect the art of being a badass Jedi. I’m getting close. I’m sure of it. In about an hour I hope to get some co-op zombie killing with Pure PlayStation szar Chris on the freshly released Arizona Sunshine on the Oculus Quest. Lastly, I’m also catching up on my backlog, including potential top ten GOTY contenders Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and The Division 2.

Chris Harding

I seem to say the same thing every week, but this week I really will be catching up on reviews, promise! I’ve got a short day at work on Saturday, and then the whole day off on Sunday. I will have lots of words for everyone to read! When I’m not whipping myself at my desk, I’ll be playing a lot of VR. I’ve recently gotten into Onward VR on PC and it is amazing. It’s like Firewall, but better and actually works when you want it to.

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Max Taylor

Another busy weekend of work, Christmas markets and more work but will find time to finish off my review of Gris and my much pondered over GotY list.

Kyle Durant

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition is a surprising title that still holds up today in many ways. So I’ll be working on that over the weekend, but if Chapter 1 is anything to go by, this complete Neverwinter Nights package might take me many weekends. Also, I got a true 4K QLED tv so I’m definitely going to want to test it out more with the likes of Rocket League, Overwatch, this month’s PS Plus titles, and all the games I got on the End of the Year sale for $5. I have a problem.

Justin McKay

Still ditching the world for PSVR and experimenting with a few titles and my new pair of Move controllers. Equally trying to finish Vampyr and keen to make a start on Judgment!

Jason Frye

Like Chris, I’ll start this by saying the same thing I normally say – reviews will take up most of my gaming weekend. I may try to keep hammering away at some of the games I purchased on Black Friday, but I’ll probably just be playing more of Luigi’s Haunted Mansion 3 with the kids. We all love it.

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