Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 187

‘Tis the season to be jolly, tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. It’s also the season for flu and other minging sickness, as I full well know. I’m currently dying of man-flu, so I’ll be keeping this one short and sweet so I can get back to bed with my bottle of whiskey and Netflix. Bah, humbug!

Here’s what the Pure PlayStation team is doing this weekend:

Chris Harding

As I’ve already explained, I’m spending the weekend knocking on Death’s door with a bad case of man-flu. But on the flip side, it does mean I don’t have to go to my regular job to sell shoes. I’ll be spending much of this weekend wrapped in blanket with my Nintendo Switch keeping me company. I’m a sucker for Assassin’s Creed on the go, so I’ve got the Rebel Collection on the Switch to keep me busy. There’s just something about being able to play these big games on a handheld that appeals to me.

If I can muster the energy to leave my festering cesspit, I’ll try and play some VR games. I’m really into Onward VR at the moment, and it has quickly replaced Firewall as mine and Jez’s go-to VR multiplayer shooter. It’s fantastic, and being able to lie down on my living room floor and shout to Jez that I need covering fire is something just not possible on PSVR.

Max Taylor

I platinumed Gris last night to console myself in the wake of the UK becoming even more of a hellhole. This weekend I’m visiting family and finishing off my GotY list. Next week I’ll do my best to fit in a bit of DMC 5 among the endless uni work and Christmasing.

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Jason Frye

This weekend is packed with family stuff, but I’ll be making time to keep working on a review. Now that my GOTY list is completed, I will keep plugging away on games I didn’t finish or even start. I’ve been receiving requests for more of the family Luigi’s Haunted Mansion 3 playthrough, but only after I beat a certain boss and can show them something new. Everyone’s a critic.

Hannah Ellis

After getting my first wheel in ages last Saturday, I will be spending this weekend troubleshooting because the darn thing won’t turn on after just one afternoon of use! Not a happy bunny, to say the least…

Jeremy Peterson

I have so many good games going right now, not to mention a bunch I haven’t even tried yet, I almost feel guilty about it. Almost. I’m working my way through the Division 2. I’m playing it solo so it’s a bit lonely. I’m honestly having more fun playing Onward VR with my colleague and trusty soldier-in-arms Chris, but they’re both fun. I also just picked up Zero Caliber VR for some coop campaign fun. I’m enjoying a two week free trial of Viveport Infinity that gives me access to literally hundreds of VR titles. It’s overwhelming honestly, but I’m sure I’ll manage to live through it. I gave Touring Karts a try last night and it was pretty fun despite a little dizziness. Sadly, VR racing remains my kryptonite.

Kyle Durant

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition has been played enough to warrant a review, so this weekend will be full of playing the 20 or so titles I got from the end of the year sale. Most should only last a few hours so here’s hoping a good chunk will get done.

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