Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 188

Twas the weekend before Christmas And All through Pure PlayStation’s House

Many People Were Gaming and neglecting their children, partner, or spouse.

Their Game of the Year lists were released on the site with care

With hopes that 2020’s releases would be beyond compare.

While visions of The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima danced in their heads,

They looked forward to a day or two of rest to see the family, party, and be well-fed.

From all of us to you, before we’ve left for our holiday delight,

Have a great week with time to play amazing games every day and/or night.

Tell us your own gaming or holiday plans in the comments below.

We love when you share. How else would we know?

Justin McKay

You guessed it: Death Stranding is on the agenda. 30 hours in and I doubt I’m nowhere near the end, but loving it nonetheless. Aside from that, the festivities will revolve around the PSVR, having persuaded the better half through a recent purchase of Beat Saber.

Max Taylor

I’m away in lovely lovely York for the remainder of the year so no games for me. I’ll be publishing my GotY list soon and I’ll probably buy a few games to play in the new year. Cheers all for a great year in games!

Chris Harding

This weekend will see my once again curled up on the sofa as I battle the flu. I’ve been gagging to play my VR headsets for the past week, but the constant coughing, puking, pooping and pain have kept me stuck in the mortal world of 2D games. I’ve been binging on Assassin’s Creed Rogue on Nintendo Switch as it’s an easy one to play on the festering pit that was once my sofa. I think this weekend I’ll give Black Flag a go on the Switch, or possibly some older games via PlayStation Now. I’ve had my internet upgraded and so I can finally use the service! I’ve already had a go of GTA V, Uncharted 4, and Planet Minigolf, so I’ll be having a look at what else is included in my subscription.

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Hannah Ellis

I’ll be making sure the dogs have got everything they need for Christmas, which will probably involve a leg of lamb and a few pig’s ears. Yum… But I’m craving a day in front of the telly, so I will be restarting Dragon Age XI on the Switch. Then there’s Pillars of Eternity to get into before the next one drops next year.

Kyle Durant

I don’t even know what I’m going to do this weekend. I literally have close to 15 games to play that are new or more than 20 I can play again. I’m buried something fierce so whatever happens happens.

Jason Frye

I’m still working on a review or two, so that’s coming eventually. I’m also trying to mop up some unfinished games, so I can start other games I purchased for cheap. They taunt me from inside their plastic-wrapped prisons. Luigi’s Haunted Mansion 3 will most likely make an appearance by special request, and I’ll probably check out the Holiday Sale on the PlayStation Store for a couple more additions to the backlog. It’s a good feeling to know I have so much gaming ahead of me.

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