Pure PlayStation Plays – Week 189: The Last Plays of 2019

2019 is almost over and this will be our last Pure PlayStation Plays before the bells chime in the new year. We’ve worked our bums off all year round, and now it’s time to take some rest and play some games. Most of us have a nice break from work, others aren’t so lucky. Either way, we’ll all be putting our feet up in front of the TV to play some games. Here’s what we’re playing this week.

Chris Harding

I’ve finally recovered from my illness, so I’m all about the VR games! And regular games. And just life in general. I was so sick recently that I just couldn’t muster the energy to do anything more than watch Netflix in a semi-conscious state. I’ll be using my newfound health to play through a few goodies I got over Christmas. I’m currently slogging my way through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on the Xbox One X. While I’m not being plagued by the technical problems that others have faced, I’m fighting against a different foe: boredom. I really, really don’t like this game. I’ll see it through to the end, though, just to see how my dear colleague Jeremy managed to give it a 9/10 in his review.

When time allows, I’ll be connecting to the virtual reality world with my Oculus Quest. I’ve got a few games to play through, but I just know that I’ll end up lying on the floor playing the mil-sim Onward VR. I wouldn’t have it any other way, really.

Kyle Durant

I have caught some type of cold and thus video games might be limited over Netflix or PS Vue. I still have plenty of games to play from the PS Store sales these past few weeks and have purchased four more. So what I play or am willing to play is really anyone’s guess.

Justin McKay

Eager to get started on Borderlands 3 and some other titles from Xmas but still on Death Stranding. 60 hours in and halfway through!? It’s a literal juggling act of deliveries in DS and fetching a fresh beer on hourly intervals…

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Stuart McLean

It’s that awkward lull between the holidays and NYE, and I find myself halfway between drunk and sober with the plan on staying that way, so my gaming requirements are something that isn’t too taxing on the old noggin. With that brief in mind, I’ve been enjoying multiplayer on the latest Call of Duty which is as much a surprise to me as anyone, so that will probably suffice and get me through the weekend. If I do get bored I have an itch to jump back into the world of the Witcher having binged the new Netflix series this week so I might reinstall that, but at this point who knows?

Max Taylor

I’ll be home on Sunday which means I’ll be reunited with my PS4 (Reunited by Peaches & Herb plays in the background) so I’ll give a little attention to DMC 5, Untitled Goose Game and finally give No Man’s Sky a go in VR. Ooo lordy, I love video games!

Jeremy Peterson

If I believed in new years’ resolutions, mine would be to finish a game before buying and starting a new one. But I don’t believe in them, so I’ll be abandoning my other games and finally playing through The Witcher. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it for hours before moving on to something new and shiny. Speaking of new, 2MD VR Football free of wires on the Oculus Quest is as beautiful as I dreamed it would be. I’ll probably break my ankle playing it outside, but I can’t take a proper 7-step drop in my living room.

Jason Frye

I haven’t really played anything for a while, so I’m back to working on reviews. By special request, I’m almost done with the campaign in Luigi’s Mansion 3, so I’ll finish that this weekend. I still have a healthy backlog that’s begging for my attention, so I’d like to try something from there too. If I actually manage to do a fraction of those things, I’ll consider myself a success.

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