Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 19

TGIF Readers! (Thank Games It’s Friday) You know what that means; the Pure PlayStation team throws off the shackles of oppression, gets all squiffy, and disgorges a load of gaming goodness all over the metaphorical pavement. Join us, won’t you?

Kyle Durant:

I really really want to play Overwatch but incompetent and just plain stupid randoms really ruin everything that makes this game great. Nevertheless I will Tracer on and try. Rocket League Rumble just came out and I’ve already played it a ton. I expect my weekend to be filled with this great new game mode.

Chris Harding:

‘Ow’s it goin, me old China? Yes, I’m going to be playing the London gangster game Filthy Lucre this weekend. Once I’ve had my fill of working for the mob, I reckon I’ll give The Tomorrow Children a whirl, see what all the fuss is about.

Jason Frye:

It will be a cheap weekend for me. I will be going through the PlayStation Plus games for September and seeing if any stick with me. Right now, I am most excited about the contradiction title, Amnesia: Memories. I look forward to powering up the Vita any chance I get.

Dom O’Leary:

I plan to give Journey a go because it’s free so I might as well (I can hear the pitch-forks and torches being picked up as we speak, I meant… because I’m sure it’s the masterpiece everyone says.) Other than that it looks like Filthy Lucre is becoming me ‘n my lady’s go-to co-op game, just call us Bonnie and Clyde! (or should that be Ronnie and Reggie? No, forget I said that.)


So that’s us sorted, care to tell us how your weekend plays out? (see what we did there?) Our comments section waits invitingly below. Let’s keep the updates on what you had for breakfast to Facebook and Twitter though, yeah?


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