Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 190

Welcome to the new year! It’s still nice and shiny for a while longer with that new year smell. There is a lot of promise and potential ahead of us. There are some huge games dropping in just the first half of 2020. The latter half of the year should be just as explosive with the beginning of a new console generation. Think how fast 2019 came and went, and you’ll realize it will be here sooner than you think.

Whether you make some resolutions or skip them altogether, 2020 is going to be a huge year for gaming. Save your pennies, work on those backlogs, and be sure to come back here to see what we have planned. Until then, this is how we’ll be spending our last weekend before the gaming world gears start turning again.

Kyle Durant

The backlog quest had begun in earnest as I’m about halfway through Knack 2 and my Road to the Show in MLB 19 sees a younger Kyle Durant making a name for himself in AA baseball. One should be completed and make room for another in my current 2 game system.

Max Taylor

With imminent deadlines, I can’t justify beginning my backlog although I do plan to treat myself to an evening of mischief and honking with Untitled Goose Game! The second half of January will be much more fruitful for games so hopefully, my future plays will be more interesting.

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Stuart Mclean

To help with my never-ending backlog I finally took the plunge and purchased an external 2TB hard drive to try and eliminate having to constantly download and reinstall games. So yeah, you guessed it I’m currently replaying games I finished ages ago and the backlog still remains untouched. First up I’m revisiting Los Santos in GTA V followed by some Eastern gangster shenanigans in Yakuza 0.

Jeremy Peterson

DID YOU KNOW THE WITCHER WAS A GAME BEFORE IT WAS A NETFLIX SHOW? It seems that saucy minx Yennifer is missing so I better go find her. I’ll let everybody know if it’s any good.

Justin McKay

If you look at the consecutive weeks, I’m still playing DS but foolishly bought a dozen new Switch games while half cut. It’ll be backlogs for me, plus the new Nintendo games.

Jason Frye

More reviews of course, but I have started a little of Judgment. I’m sticking with the Japanese audio, because that feels more normal to me with this game. I still have to make a decision on a few games in the Holiday Sale before it ends, so maybe I’ll pick up a couple of other games to keep my other unplayed games company.

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