Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 191

How’s that “alcohol-free” January going? Fallen off the wagon yet? It seems such a good idea in December, when we’re so full of festive cheer (and brandy sauce). But come the turn of the New Year, when we’re back in the office, it just seems like the most tortuous decision you could ever make. How else are we expected to suffer through the realities of adulthood if not with an archers and lemonade come night time? Or earlier, should the day demand.

Still, if you’re committed to such “sober suffering”, how about swapping that wet addiction for gaming? It’s a good distraction, if nothing else, and the more you do, the better you get – unlike drinking…

Justin McKay

After 90+ hours, I’ve finished Death Stranding and finally installed Borderlands 3 to play this weekend. Also on the list is this months PS+ games Nathan Drake Collection and <ahem> Goat Simulator!

Jason Frye

I am almost done with a review game, so that will make an appearance soon. When I am not finishing the work I am supposed to be doing, I will also be cruising the mean Oregon back roads in Days Gone. I wanted to give it a try, and it’s surprisingly good. I do wonder why I have to build up trust with the camp that parted out my bike before they’ll sell me better parts, but I guess logic goes out the window after the apocalypse.

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Stuart McLean

Weekend alone for me means multiplayer COD until the early hours while eating and drinking what I want ala Macauley Culkin in Home Alone. If I get tired of getting whooped online I’ve been throwing sabers around virtually in Beat Saber – it counts as exercise right?

Kyle Durant

Almost done with my backlog with Outcast Second Contact, Hitman 2, and Ghost Giant looking to be played this weekend. Also, to curse Chris’ name on not liking both Horizon Zeri Dawn and The Witcher 3.

Hannah Ellis

I’ve just stocked up on some new country music CDs, thanks to the CMAs’ shortlist, so I’m going to be a Rhinestone Cowboy this weekend whilst I finish up some assignments. In between the Keith Urban and Dan+Shay marathon, there might just be enough time to visit the Yakuza-verse. But I think my ears are going to be well and truly devoted to Nashville.

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