Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 193 – Birthday Edition

Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 193 – Birthday Edition

We’re barely into the new year, and it’s our birthday once again. We’ve got our cake, candles, and party hats on for the weekend, and it will be a wild time if we don’t’ fall asleep on the couch watching TV instead. Getting older is pretty glamorous.

As we cross this milestone, we wanted to say thanks to you, our readers, for your support over the years. We appreciate you watching and reading our content. We couldn’t do it without you, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations this year, as long as, like our families, you don’t set them too high. (I mean, you can, but that disappointment’s really going to be on you, right?)

OK. We can get back to being a little more serious. Thanks again for taking this journey with us. Here is what we’re up to this weekend.

Kyle Durant

Yet another deal made itself known to me and backlog games were ordered. Greedfall, the Creed PSVR game, and Trover Saves the Universe will arrive today. If I can muster up the will and dust off the memories of disappointment, I’ll give the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:mind DLC a go too.

Max Taylor

Much like Kyle, recent sales have further burdened my backlog. Forgotten Anne, Phoenix Wright Trilogy, Erica and Return of the Obra Dinn should keep me busy as well as some couch co-op fun in Knack 2. If juggling all that alongside my return to uni becomes too much I’ll return to the safety of brewing beverages in Coffee Talk, a delightful game I’m in the process of reviewing.

Justin McKay

Echoing the rest of the team, I’m going through the backlog, and obtaining trophies so I can free up some space. This evening I’ll be playing Mosaic, some Fortnite (I made a promise to my daughter for some co-op play) and I may finally make a start on Thimbleweed Park. But it’s been a busy week, so I need to unwind with some draft beverages, plus Friday is music night so I’ll be having an eargasm with some new tunes.

Jeremy Peterson

Unlike the rest of the team, I apparently only collect a gaming backlog, I rarely play them. And on that note, I’ve already forgotten all my old games ’cause I just bought The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners for the PCVR and it has surpassed all of my expectations. It will make a fantastic addition to the PSVR library when it arrives later this year.

Stuart Mclean

Keeping the theme alive (while also sounding like an unfortunate medical condition) I too intend to attack my backlog this weekend, largely down to the fact it’s the last weekend before payday. Keeping me entertained in my man cave I’ll be revisiting Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online, something that wasn’t as intimidating to jump back into as I feared. Failing that, the ever trusty Beat Saber might have me flailing about like one of them inflatable wiggly things you see outside car dealerships in my quest for weekend fun.

Chris Harding

I’m struck by man-flu once again. But I still have to work. But by work I mean sit in the office and play some Xbox via the Console Streaming app that came out a few days ago. I know, I know. I’m scum ’round these parts, but it works better than remote play and it’ll keep me from throwing shoes at customers. I’ve got LEGO Harry Potter on the go again because I really want those bloody achievements.

I’ve also got Eclipse: Edge of Light to play and review for Pure PSVR, so if I haven’t succumbed to man-flu by Saturday night, I’ll strap on the headset and see why Justin enjoyed it enough to review it a 7/10.

Jason Frye

I have some work to finish on some things, but I’ll probably work on a review and put some more time into Days Gone. It’s a game that I go back and forth on, and I can see how people are on both sides of the fence on this one. I’m interested to see where it’s going.

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