Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 195

Writing the week’s Pure PlayStation Plays is going to get a little more taxing for my brain as we’ve had a new team member join us. That means there’s another name for me to recall, at a stage in my life when I can’t even remember what I want to be when I’m older (sleep deprivation does that to you!).

But, that’s enough about my declining cognitive function. Instead, how about joining me in welcoming Yasmine to the team? She still thinks we’re normal, though, so don’t be letting the cat out of the bag just yet!

Max Taylor

I’m in a bit of a video game funk at the moment and can’t quite settle in with anything. I’ve got loads to play but am finding myself with some option paralysis. That being said, I’ll persevere with pursuing platinums in Forgotten Anne and 7th Sector and commit some more time to investing myself in Batman: The Enemy Within and Return of the Obra Dinn in the hopes that either of those will absorb me!

Kyle Durant

This weekend I’m hoping to complete my Zombie Army 4 review and teammkill Chris a bunch of times while doing so in co-op. Greedfall is still being touched here and there and Creed: Rise to Glory is a really good exercise routine.

Jason Frye

Since Jeremy reviewed Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, I’ve been wanting to try it. I played a little bit after quitting Days Gone due to a frustrating bug, and it’s good when I actually use a strategy that doesn’t involve repeatedly dying. Since I will die quickly and repeatedly, I’ll probably try to keep going in Days Gone, but I have noticed I keep saving the same survivor every time. Maybe it’s time to let him go, since he’s not much of a listener.

Peep this:  Lemnis Gate Gets New Gameplay Trailer Ahead of Launch

Stuart McLean

Having just finished Journey to the Savage Planet, I plan on mopping up a few last trophies before moving on to something different. Between playing that, a game for review and the excellent PS Plus line up this month, my weekend is just about sorted.

Jeremy Peterson

The plan is to spend most of the weekend cleaning up some things on my favorite game of the year so far, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners for PC VR. Now that Jason brought it up, I think it’s time to buy the Mutant Year Zero DLC, because I always said the one thing that surprisingly wonderful game was missing was a talking moose.

Hannah Ellis

After spending the week solving far too many differential equations, I will be spending the weekend in ignorant bliss, probably keeping the curtains closed and only working through my backlog.

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