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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 197

It seems like the whole world is physically ill with the flu and colds and other worse things that hopefully only bring us down for a bit. In times like those, what is your gaming comfort food to distract you from how bad you feel? Assuming you’re up to it, do you buy a new game, continue to work on your backlog of existing games with tissues and a stack of medicine at the ready, or do you go back into a favorite game that you know won’t let you down between trips to the doctor?

These are our prescribed treatment plans for this weekend. Let us know your preferred rejuvenating regimen in the comments.

Max Taylor

I’ve got plenty of uni and art work to keep me busy this weekend but I’ll make time to write up a review and spend some more time Dreamsurfing and trying to get to grips with crafting in Dreams.

Yasmine Jenna

The weather in the United Kingdom isn’t too great at the moment. So a weekend tucked indoors seems to be in order. I would like to think I would finish the main-story of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot this weekend. However, with the last Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix debuting this week, and the return of Kings Canyon Map on Apex Legends this weekend – something tells me I’ll be distracted..

Jeremy Peterson

Despite not feeling well, I just survived day 17 in The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners on the Oculus Quest via the Link. Made it back to camp with little health, barely any stamina, busted up weapons, but my backpack was full including the intel I desperately needed. I killed a few bad guys and more than a handful of walkers but that’s just another day in Nola.

I’ve also restarted Astro Bot and everyone is right, it’s great.

Justin McKay 

After binging 4 seasons of Peaky Blinders back to back, it’s time to break things up with some online multiplayer action – a review to support this to follow soon. Other than that, I’ll be diving into a bit of Code Vein and digging up some old retro titles to chill to this weekend.

Chris Harding

I have no work, no obligations, and distractions at home. I’m playing VR! I’ve been far too sick recently to duck and weave with my headset on, but this weekend I’m gonna go to town on that bad boy. Outward VR is the new go-to shooter for myself and Jez, and I’ve got some smaller games to play thanks to my Vive Infinity subscription. There’s no real plan in place, though I do have a game for review, so I’ll mostly play whatever takes my fancy I’ve not had this freedom since my childhood!

Stuart Mclean

It’s the last weekend of my holidays so we’ve taken ourselves away. Great to be out and about doing things, not so great for playing PlayStation – so I’ll be AFK until I return on Sunday.

Kyle Durant

While Greedfall is still in the beginning stages of completion for all intents and purposes, a new slew of game deals appeared this week. So Arise: A Simple Story, Man of Medan, and Outer Wilds join this month’s PS Plus games as titles still to play. It seems there’s a never-ending force that can tell when I’m done a game to then put more titles on my backlog on sale.

Jason Frye

After finishing Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, I can’t decide if I’ll jump into the DLC, or go back to another uncompleted game. As much as I’m trying to finish more games I play for fun this year, I’ve also had my eye on a few games in the Big in Japan Sale. I guess I’ll never learn. Either way, I’ll play a few rounds in Doom (1993). If that’s all I get to this weekend, that’ll be OK.

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