Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 199

After a lot of rumors and begging on Twitter, Square Enix stealth dropped the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo on Monday. Have you had a chance to relive your glory days with a moody, spiky-haired protagonist, or was it your first rodeo with Cloud and Company? Since it’s a remake, there are some changes, of course. The biggest being that the game is stunningly beautiful and less angular than ever. Technology for the win! Other changes were more subtle from character designs to tweaks to the story to show that this ain’t your daddy’s Final Fantasy VII.

For most of us excited about the game, we stayed excited. It’s another big game packed into a short window of big releases. As we wait for it and others, here’s what we’ll be doing this weekend. Limit break into the comments, and let us know your own plans and thoughts on the demo.

Chris Harding 

I am once again sick, so it’s a weekend of Netflix and Pills.

Yasmine Hubbard

Besides racking up more hours in Two Point Hospital, which feels like it’s eating more hours in the day than it should. Several weeks ago, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was confirmed for HD remaster port for PS4 in the near future. But the near future may be too long of a wait. So I’ve scavenged my old retro gaming box and found a copy of the little bugger on my old GameCube. You Beauty!

Jeremy Peterson

I have one of those jobs where I have less time for games on the weekend, but that rarely stops me from squeezing in some quality Jez-nerd time. This weekend I’ll be playing a new PSVR co-op focused game for review, so I’m pretty excited about that. On my Oculus headset, I’ll be checking out some of the alternative endings of the excellent The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners plus continuing the after-story gameplay. I believe TWD:S&S is coming to the PSVR in the next month, so if you’re waiting for the port, it’s coming soon and should be fantastic if it’s even close to as good as the PC VR version. Speaking of games that are coming soon, Half-Life: Alyx is coming to PC VR in a few weeks and everything I’m playing now is only preparation for the world I’ll be stepping into with that. There is no stopping this hype train, so don’t even try.

Jason Frye

I’ll be enjoying some scares with Spirit Hunter: Death Mark. It’s a solid visual novel with horror, and I’ll be trying to fight a few more ghosts this weekend. For variety, I might run a mission or two in Days Gone. I’m not sure I care about Sarah anymore, but Deacon does so we’ll go forward, I guess. That bike doesn’t upgrade itself.

The rest of the Pure PlayStation crew couldn’t make it today, because they are in stasis pods until the Final Fantasy VII Remake releases. No, we don’t have any extras. Sorry.

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