Pure PlayStation Plays: Week #2

Pure PlayStation Plays: Week #2

The weekend is once again upon us and the monkeys at Pure PlayStation are readying up to play some awesome games over the weekend. Of course, we’ll still be providing you with the latest PlayStation news and rumours, but between being whipped to produce stories, our overlords actually let us play games from time to time. How lovely!

Before we divulge any more of the dictator’s actions, here’s what Pure PlayStation is playing this weekend. As always, we invite you to have a read and then head down to the comments section below and share your gaming prospects for the coming weekend.

Chris Harding

This weekend is all about Uncharted 4 for me. I’ll be dipping into Hitman: Episode 2 – Sapienza at some point, but come Saturday I’ll be strapped to the sofa with a DualShock in hand, playing through Drake’s last adventure. It’s sure to be a corker, so I’m really looking forward to it. In fact, it’s the only reason I’ve not kil – nah, too dark…

Conor Hutton

This weekend I’ll be continuing my co-op adventures in Divinity: Original Sin. I really cannot recommend this game enough to any RPG fans. It’s challenging, turn based combat is far more satisfying than the likes of Skyrim’s combat especially when played on a harder difficulty. Then the sheer level of options both in character customisation and gameplay is awe-inspiring. To top it all off the last time we played me and my friend came across a statue that asked if we wanted to see into our future. We said we did so the statue rolled the game’s credits… the bloody smart arse…

Jake Ellis

This weekend I will be playing the Overwatch beta that I have already played a fair bit of in the week. It is an immensely fun game and the beta actually includes everything the game will contain at release so is an awesome opportunity to try Overwatch out for free. The beta is available until Monday the 9th of May and definitely worth playing if you haven’t already. However, I will not be fully dedicated to Overwatch as I recently received an email letting me know that Paragon is having a double XP weekend and how could I turn down double XP… or anyone for that matter? In summary: I won’t actually be playing anything that’s officially released yet this weekend, instead I will be enjoying some beta and early access gameplay.

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