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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 20

Today marks the 20th Pure PlayStation Plays… which doesn’t mean a whole lot, it’s just a nice round number really. As always we’ll be hunkering down and enjoying some well-earned game time after a week of work and attempting to act like adults. Check out what we’re going to be wiling away our time on below and let us know what gaming antics you’ve got in store for the weekend down in the comments.

Jake Ellis

This weekend is going to see a lot of Overwatch for me. It’s my last weekend at home with my high-speed internet before I go to university and share some presumably slower internet with a flat of other people. That and of course Eichenwald have got me putting a lot of hours into this phenomenal game again.

Jason Frye

I think I will download the new Resident Evil 7 demo. It is interesting to see the game returning to its roots, and I am curious to see how those ideas will be reinterpreted in the final release. Maybe even more horrifying than zombies to some, I will be trying out the Just Dance 2017 demo with a Justin Bieber song to see how well a phone works as a controller.

Dom O’Leary

After waging war with the For Honor Alpha for the first time last night, I’ll be clashing steel a lot this weekend. After finishing up ‘Filthy Lucre’ for review, I think I’ll be jumping straight back in (spoiler alert: I like this game) and perhaps continuing my cyber war in Deus Ex’s Breach mode.

Kyle Durant

Going to be a simple weekend. Got Unholy Heights to work on with NHL 17 and the For Honor alpha. For those wondering, yes NHL 17 is still very frustrating at times. Just like hockey. Hopefully For Honor will give me a taste for bloodlust that makes the hockey game’s problems tame by comparison.

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