Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 200

We’ve been sharing our plays with you for 200 weeks! WOOOOOOO!

Unfortunately, that is all the joy we can muster in these troubled times. While everyone in the outside world turns into mushroom-headed zombies with Mexican lager for blood (that’s what’s going on right?) we here at Pure PlayStation shall be holed up indoors because if there are one thing quarantines are good for its catching up on gaming backlogs. So put the kettle on, settle into your toilet roll throne and fire up some life-consuming video games. We’ll get through this together!

Yasmine Jenna

I’ve been in two minds, however, I’m going to crack and finally delve (or should I say limit break!?) into the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo this weekend. Yes, I know – the game comes out next month but I already know the entirety of the plot from playing the original when I was a youngster, so what’s the harm? Other than that, I’m somewhat be-hide on a few anime series airing this season, so a Crunchyroll evening may be in order!

Jason Frye

This is probably still just an aspirational list (as usual), but I’ll be mopping up the last of Spirit Hunter: Death Mark which has been very good. After realizing that I’ll probably never understand the story or take the time to replay all the prior games, I started Kingdom Hearts III with the kids, and I’m not entirely sure what to think about it. It’s all over the place. When the kids aren’t around, I’m still not ready to give up on Days Gone.

Hannah Ellis

I’m going to try and wrap up the various Assassin’s Creed games I’ve got on the go. It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed by their worlds, and content, at times, but after a break, I think I’m ready to drop into a few hay bales again.

Chris Harding

The end is nigh. I don’t really drink, but today I bought 4 cans of beer. If society is going to fall, I’m falling with it. With the schools on lockdown, I’m off work for 5 weeks – what DO I actually play? This is more like Chris’ Month of Plays! I’m doing a preview for the spooky Those Who Remain, and I’ve been playing the heck out of Age of Empire 2 on PC recently. With all this time on my hands, I’m going to be trying anything and everything to keep my mind sane. I’m actually having a decent time with TT Isle of Man 2, despite not really being a motorbike man. I’ll probably use some of my free time to catch up on all the VR games I’ve missed over the last couple of months and to keep myself from becoming fat. Excercise in VR is still exercising.

Stuart Mclean

I downloaded Dead Rising 4 a few weeks ago, and it has so far sat untouched in my library – but no more! I am finally hoping to give it the attention it deserves, but first I’m planning to finish Sniper Elite 4 which I’ve been enjoying with a buddy of mine. Games are always so much better in co-op!

Max Taylor

My past week has consisted of essay writing, D&D campaign planning and fearing the outside world (more than usual) while I’ve been spreading my gaming time between Yoku’s Island Express and Divinity Original Sin 2. With one trophy left to snag, I’ll be launching back into Yoku one last time to earn the platinum, capping off what has been an immensely enjoyable time with an exquisitely well-designed and thoroughly charming game that has managed to make pinball fun. Once that’s done with, I’ll be spending some time with a strange but oddly enjoyable review game, Death or School, whenever Hope and I can peel ourselves away from the dangerously compelling Divinity 2.

Jeremy Peterson
I think I saw that World War Z was going to play this weekend on the Bigscreen app so I think I may put the Quest headset on and virtually sit around with a bunch of strangers watching the world end, as the real world threatens to do the same. As far as actual games, I’ll probably try the new free-to-play COD sometime this weekend. I’m also dying to try the latest table tennis game for the Quest with Chris if he can find the time. I bought some indie games last week on sale from the PSN store so I’ll probably see what my ten dollars bought me.

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