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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 201

When we said we wanted more time to work on our backlog of games, we doubt anyone had this in mind. Although it might make celebrities cry (and sing songs poorly), it doesn’t have to be all bad. To keep your sanity, try to regularly unplug from all the noise online (except our site of course). Spend some of that time with family, because you can’t escape them anyway Read that book you always meant to read. Do things that make you happy and reduce your stress.

And, of course, that includes playing some games. While everyone’s secluded in their personal Fallout vaults this weekend, here’s what we’ll be playing. Let us know what games will be keeping you company down in the comments.

Yasmine Jenna

A bunch of game demos have landed on the PlayStation Store this week, that if you haven’t already – it might be worthwhile to have a nosey through! Some of the game demos that have sparked my curiosity are Resistant Evil 3 and Trials of Mana. So if I get a chance during the weekend I may have to serve a nice hot chocolate for myself and try out these gems!

Max Taylor

I’m getting loads done thanks to this quarantine! When I’m not working on art, I’ll be going for the platinum in Dead or School while listening to podcasts to help distract me from that game’s more unpleasant aspects. I’ll also be reviewing Freedom Finger, continuing my co-op adventure in Divinity: OS 2, catching up with some backlog games and having a go on Hope’s fancy new Switch (if she can pull herself away from Animal Crossing long enough to share).

Hannah Ellis

I will be playing with the enemy this weekend, if Animal Crossing comes in my red cross package from the supermarket. Otherwise, I’ll be losing track of time in a Crash Bandicoot marathon. Fun times ahead, either way.

Chris Harding

With the world slowing down to a drip, I’m making good use of this extra time by putting more time in on Pure PlayStation and Pure PSVR. But I’m also catching up on some games that just seemed out of my reach before. Days Gone, a game I bought at full price months ago, played for a couple of hours and then dropped because it’s a long-arse game and I was time poor, is now my most-played game this week. I don’t know if I’m anywhere near the end, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. I’m also keeping myself active by playing Eleven VR Table Tennis on the Oculus Quest. By the end of this thing, I’ll rival Forrest Gump, not only in intelligence, but also ping pong skills.

Jeremy Peterson

With everybody stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I’m not getting much done. But when I am able to pull myself away from a family locked into isolation, I’ve been playing a few things here and there. On the PS4, I’m playing a word puzzle game that is both as ridiculous and as addicting as it sounds. On the VR side of things, I’ve been trying to stay active. The new level just released for Pistol Whip for the Oculus Quest is as difficult as advertised and Eleven Table Tennis keeps me moving. But mostly I’m just biding my time until Half-Life: Alyx releases in just a few days.

Jason Frye

I need to finish up a review or two, but the Trials of Mana demo is calling my name. I also want to collect some loot in Path of Exile: Delirium now that the new content is out. With the kids, I’ll play through more of Kingdom Hearts III, but my heart is not in it. Above all, Doom Eternal will be training me to live after Earth has been ravaged. For an alternative apocalyptic view, I wonder if I need Animal Crossing to keep things peaceful, but I still owe Tom Nook from New Leaf. That dude never forgets. It’s a weekend filled with more than I can play, and that’s if I don’t keep pushing more into the timesink that is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey during the free weekend.

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