Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 202 – Stay at Home, Don’t Be a Dick

The world has gone to crap. But it will get better. It always does. But, and this is a big but, it’ll only happen if we all play our part. For us lot, this should be simple! We’re being told to stay at home and play games/do whatever the hell we like, yet there are still some who think the virus doesn’t get up early so they can pop on the bus to see their mate, or that the virus is scared of the dark, so it’s OK to have a barbeque with neighbours. It’s not OK.

Please, do what we’re doing and stay home. Every time you leave your home, you’re risking exposure to this virus. For most, it’ll mean getting a disease comparable to the flu. For some, it’ll mean death. I’m one of those people. I’m asthmatic and this virus could kill me. Think about that for a second.

Hey, why’s everybody running outsid- well, shit.

Here’s what we’re doing this weekend.

Chris Harding

I’ve boarded up the windows, I’ve stocked up on those shitty little plastic pellets for my BB gun, and I’m ready for the zombie invasion. Not really, but I have basically locked myself indoors and the only sun time I get is when I go on my balcony to spit on neighbour’s BBQ set. Bellend shouldn’t have his mate’s round, should he?

I’ve been playing a hell of a lot of Days Gone recently, and I’ve finally finished it! It means I have a new void that needs to be filled, and I’m thinking about taking another crack at Red Dead Redemption 2, or World War Z. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve got some website work to do, sure, and that means a preview and some new videos for you lovely folks to watch. I’ll also be staying home, washing my hands every 4.5 minutes and bleaching my food before cooking it. Can’t take too many chances, you know?

Max Taylor

I have so much to play right now that I don’t quite know where to start. I’m really enjoying being back in the world of Control and it’s first expansion “The Foundation” brings some excellent additions to traversal and combat. Similarly, the recently reviewed Operencia: The Stolen Sun still holds plenty for me to discover so that’ll be getting even more attention plus I have Paper Beast to review, which will get me back in the VR headset after a long break.

On a rather sacrilegious note – a section henceforth referred to as Impure PlayStation – I’ve become fixated with my girlfriend’s recently purchased Switch and have been playing a lot of Pokémon Sword. It’s been over a decade since my last Pokémon game but all of those familiar, nostalgic feelings came rushing back the second I heard that delightful PokéMart music!

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Stuart McLean

Having finished up Sniper Elite 4 last week in co-op, this week it is the turn of Borderlands 3, which I am finding rather frustrating. The ‘go here, get this, loot that’ mechanic isn’t really grabbing me by the enjoyables at the minute, and the twisty turny maps seem to be all filler no killer. Between that and a game I’m currently downloading for review, that should be my first Lockdown weekend out the gate. In all honesty, I am merely filling time until Final Fantasy VII Remake drops in two (TWO!!) weeks time.

Also in a completely unrelated aside, can anyone tell me what the deal is with Animal Crossing? I have never played one before and it was a toss-up between that and Doom, and currently, I am regretting my decision. I mean, what’s it all about? Someone change my mind and help me find what all the fuss is about!

Jason Frye

I’ll be working on a couple reviews this weekend. Beyond that, I’ll be playing Pokemon Shield with the kids while also trying to find ways to keep them away from screens all day. When they go to bed, I’ll be slaying in Doom Eternal.

Yasmine Jenna

I’ll be spending some quality time on Granblue Fantasy: Versus scooping up miscellaneous trophies, with potentially trying out some more game demos from the PlayStation Store. Alongside this, it may be time to catch up with my favourite crocked Lawyer in the form of Saul Goodman – as I haven’t watched any of the new series of Better Call Saul yet.

Jeremy Peterson

The Half-Life universe is going to take up the bulk of my weekend, much like it did the week leading up to it. I’m playing the amazing Half-Life: Alyx on the Quest via Link, and also blasting my way through Half-Life 2. That should tell everyone how good the new Half-Life game is … it inspired me to play a game almost fifteen years old, just so I wouldn’t miss a thing from the new one. But dear God is it scary in VR. I’m also about to fire up the new version of Dandara on the PS4 for review. I’m hoping it will be a good way to wind down after a week of screaming into the dark about alien spiders the size of dogs jumping at my face.

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