Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 203

We’re living in strange times, aren’t we? But that’s the beauty of video games – it provides players even if it’s a few hours a week an escapism from the outside world. We’ve got an enamours amount of great games coming out in the next month, it’s somewhat hard not to get a bit excited for at least one of the games coming out soon. Even though this can’t be great news for our stack of shame..

This week alone we’ve got Persona 5 Royal and the highly anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake. Get ready to take on (or outrun) nemesis alongside hearing S.T.A.R.S. for the 1000th time. So whether you’re chilling and catching up on some good old games/shows or playing a new game on the market. Hope everyone has a good weekend and stay safe!

Without further ado, this is what the Pure PlayStation gang is up to this weekend!

Jason Frye

I’ll be trying to finish Doom Eternal, and, so far, the hype is deserved. I already know it’s going to be on my GOTY list, and, as soon as I can, I’ll tell you why in my review. I also have a few things in the backlog I can play if I need something that doesn’t require a death grip on the controller. When the kids are around, it may be more Pokemon Shield.

Chris Harding

Are weekends important anymore? My gaming weekend is about the same as my gaming week now – lots of games! But to narrow it down a little, I’ve got Pathalogic 2 to play for review, as well as Final Assault fir PSVR, so I’ve got enough new fresh stuff to keep me busy. I’ve already made a start on Gigantosaurus: The Game, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m taken in by the game’s simple gameplay and general loveliness.

Max Taylor

I’m steadily working my through the games clogging up my PS4. I just platinumed Wattam which was an absolute joy and now I’m playing Oceanhorn, a fun little Windwaker-like that is the perfect accompaniment to binging podcasts. I’ve also got trophies left to earn in Operencia so I’ll be spending some more time with that and Hope and I have a co-op game to play for review. Once I’ve gotten on top of that lot I’ll be picking up Persona 5 Royal which will undoubtedly consume my every spare minute, something I wholeheartedly welcome at this strange time.

Stuart McLean

Having had everything crossed for an early delivery of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, alas I am, how do they say, shit out of luck. So it is Plan B for me – Dead Rising 4 and maybe a cheeky look through the PSN sale.

Jeremy Peterson

I was planning on spending the weekend playing My Freind Pedro for review but instead I played it for eight hours straight today and finished it. Luckily, I have Final Assault on the PSVR, also for review, so that should be fun. Hopefully, I can convince some Pure PlayStationers to join me for some Final Assault multiplayer.

Yasmine Jenna

I’m torn between two loves this weekend, gaming and wrestling. It’s (allegedly) the biggest wrestling weekend of the whole year. Mind, the Wrestlemania lineup doesn’t have me eager to watch as much as other years (I still don’t think I’ve gotten over The Fiend losing the belt).

So a solitude weekend of making my room as dark as possible throughout the day whilst playing Resident Evil 3 might be the course of action to take. Then again, I may have to “check” in on Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled to unlock the new secret character. Not a funny joke? Fine, I’ll crawl back into the box I came out from…

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