Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 204

After a long road from the 2005 tech demo for the PS3, we finally have the final version of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It seems to be the game that everyone is talking about right now. In the twenty-three years since the original’s release, we’ve had a significant increase in console power, and this game appears to be quite the looker. Word on the street is that gameplay is also very good. Chances are, you’re already playing this one now, but our final review verdict will be coming soon. Please look forward to it.

The weekend is here again, so let’s chat about the games we’ll play, whether they are remakes, true retros from a console long forgotten, or a hidden gem you found in a sale. This is our weekend in a nutshell, so stop swinging the buster sword just long enough to let us know your plans in the comments.

Chris Harding

I tried the Google Stadia free trial last night. I scoffed at the idea of Google trying to tempt me with a freebie. Then I got hooked on GRID – which I’ve already got on PS4 – and Destiny 2. I was up until 5AM, hunched over my desk with my games running on Google Chrome. I didn’t expect it to work so well, yet it was near-flawless and I had a blast! I’d love to say I’m going to play some other games this weekend, but the reality is I’ll probably be racking up the kills in Destiny 2 and racing American muscle cars in GRID. I’m weak and Google has supplied the crack. Google is my new dealer.

Max Taylor

I seem to have settled into a pretty good routine with a nicely balanced diet of productivity, X-Files and Persona 5 Royal. I’m so glad I waited to play Persona because not only do I get to experience this fantastic game for the first time in it’s definitive form but it’s also the perfect time sink to keep me entertained during lockdown. To ensure I don’t spend all day every day on my arse, I’ve also been spending some time in PSVR with Creed: Rise to Glory which is a lot of fun and a pretty decent workout too!

Stuart Mclean

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally upon us, and having had my copy for a few days now thanks to that C word that shall not be named, I’m a good chunk into it and loving every second. So other than stopping to eat and go to the toilet, my weekend is sorted.

Yasmine Jenna

I imagine my weekend will be the same as a lot of RPGs fans out there, playing the Final Fantasy VII remake. I’m looking forward to playing this game for endless hours whilst consuming every mere morsel of this game. Granted, Final Fantasy VII isn’t my favourite title from the franchise, but the Final Fantasy series as a whole paved the way in gaming. That it’s honestly amazing to see the game get the treatment it deserves (but if Square Enix wants to remaster Final Fantasy IX in the future, that would be great). It’s giving me serious flashbacks of my teens, the amount of undivided attention I can pour into this game in the upcoming days. However, not exactly like when I was a teen – no Evanescence music is being played in the background.

Jeremy Peterson

Somebody told me it was Friday but that feels like a lie. Probably because living life trapped inside the Peterson Ranch, every day is starting to feel like a Monday. On that note, I’ll probably spend a good portion of the weekend scrolling through PlayStation Now’s catalog like it’s Netflix, never deciding on anything. Aside from that, I’m really enjoying Final Assault on the PSVR. The higher difficulty settings really makes you strategize! Contract$ for PC VR is surprisingly good and is bringing back all those old-school Call of Duty feelings. The good feelings, not the bad ones.

Jason Frye

This weekend we’ll be doing Easter festivities at home including decorating some eggs and eating some candy. For games, it will probably be some more Pokemon Shield with the wee ones, and then something less family-friendly at night. I want to try DiRT Rally 2.0, but I’ll quickly remember why realistic racers and I don’t have the best history. When that ends, I still have some games in the backlog that need my attention, so I’ll pick whatever strikes my fancy.

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