Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 205

Hopefully, you’re all staying safe and well. And are using this lockdown wisely. By that I obviously mean completing those games you’ve been putting off by tackling your backlog head on, which if it’s anything like mine is starting to look like the leaning tower of Pisa (mmmmh, pizza…). But maybe you’re stuck at home with the kids (aarrgghh!) and are busy trying to think of a permitted reason to leave the home for a bit of “you time”. To which we salute your patience and suggest you try any excuse at all – because if the handcuffs come out, at least there’s a quiet cell waiting for you. Free of Pokemon and that darn Peppa Pig…

It’s worth pointing out that I’m not really suggesting you get yourself arrested. Even if a child-free room is an attractive lure. But make sure you do grab some “you time” because ‘No games and no TV makes parents go crazy’. Wise words, I’m sure you’ll agree, paraphrased from that genius philosopher – Mr Homer Simpson.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’ll be playing through a new game to review during this weekend that should be on the site sometime next week. Alongside this, even though usually I’m not the biggest fan of mobile games, Cardfight Vanguard Zero looks too interesting to pass upon (I’m a sucker for a good card game). I’m looking forward too to my phone complaining about memory space and losing endless battles and time.

Jason Frye

As I struggle to resist buying the Final Fantasy VII Remake, I’ll be diving back into Days Gone. I need to see the end, and I have to be close by this point. I also want to try more of the Path Of Exile: Delirium, but the server response with everyone being online for games or streaming content is not great. Who knew my growing backlog collection was only prepping me for an offline gaming situation just like this?

Chris Harding

Are weekends still a thing? Why aren’t we doing these pieces for everyday of the week?!?!? Well, actually, it looks like life may be returning to some kind of normality here as companies have successfully lobbied to have stores re-open, so my epic all-nighters will be coming to an end soon. But, before that happens, I’ll squeeze in another one before The Rona kicks me in the balls.

This weekend I’m going to be playing… Streets of Rage 4! After 25 years, it’s finally back, baby! When I’m not cleaning the mean streets of criminal scum, I’ll be playing Final Assault on PSVR for my late review, and maybe even getting a few rounds of some VR gaming in with Jez. He’s been kicking my arse at Eleven: VR Table Tennis for too long, and I need my redemption!

Max Taylor

More Persona 5 Royal for me! I’m about 45 hours in and absolutely loving it so I don’t really see any reason at all to play or do anything else ever again!

Jeremy Peterson

I love it when the call comes in to list my Friday Pure PlayStation Plays because for at least one day of the week I know what day it is.

As usual, I’ll be spending a good portion of it with a silly VR headset strapped to my face like a jumping head crab from Half Life: Alyx. I’m finishing up Pixel Ripped 1995 for review over at Pure PSVR, and I’m also getting into virtual Battlefield – a fun new PC VR battle game that just released. As Chris mentioned, Eleven: VR Table Tennis on the Quest is a lot of fun, but it would be even more fun if Chris could actually provide me a challenge. That’s probably not going to happen, but we’ll see…

I’ve also decided to pick up Shadow Legend VR as it’s fifty percent off. Now I just need to decide which platform to purchase it for.

Stuart McLean

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is still taking up my downtime at the minute as I now battle through on Hard Mode to get the big juicy platinum. I want it to last as long as possible to try and make the wait for Part 2 more bearable. 

Hannah Ellis

It’s a weekend of revision for me as exam cancellations have clearly skipped my cohort. But I’ve (foolishly) started a new play through of The Witcher 3, and it’s proving as addictive as ever. So, obviously my studying will involve a healthy dose of Gwent. Here’s hoping it comes up in the question sheet!

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