Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 206

It’s week number 206 of Pure PlayStation Plays and it’s starting to feel like it’s been that long since I’ve been locked in during quarantine. I haven’t shaved, gotten a haircut, or worn actual pants in 40 days, and I worked from home before this! I hope you all are handling these strange days better than me, which is to say, I hope you don’t look like Viggo Mortensen from The Road in sweatpants.

There are a ton on Apoc/virus games, movies, and shows available for us to binge while stuck at home, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been doing just that. So remember, it could be a lot worse. Be thankful that we basically got an apocalyptic RPG that we can play on the easy mode, so don’t screw it up. Take it easy, be safe, and remember, the sequel may only have a “hard” mode.

Yasmine Hubbard:

With the new Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC heading to PlayStation 4 next week, it might be time to stop flying across the lands feeling like a badass Saiyan and actually finish the campaign. That being said, some of the Big in Japan sales on the PlayStation Store are calling out to me. What? Valkyria Revolution and I am Setsuna are in my cart? No, you’re seeing things…

Jason Frye:

After finally beating Days Gone, I’m back to finishing more of the backlog. I’ve only scratched the surface of Judgment, but I may pop in Red Dead Redemption 2. I’ll also be trying out the free Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Bandai Namco is giving away right now. (Much appreciated!) It looks fancy, but I’m hoping I can turn on a setting to play plain, old vanilla Pac-Man.

Max Taylor:

More Persona 5 Royal for me! Sweet Christ is this a long game! But at around 60 hours in and with what seems like another 60 hours ahead of me, I’m still loving (almost) every second of it. Aside from that, I have just bought Astral Chain on Switch so when I can find some time I’ll be getting stuck into that. LARVLEY! 

Stuart McLean:

With the days seeming to be one long blur as one fades into another I’m glad of our weekly plays to help me keep track of the days. Having started my Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hard run last week, it is certainly living up to its name and giving me a run for my money. Between that and looking for my next fix, I’m sure I’ll find some way to put my weekend in.

Chris Harding:

I’ve been relaxing and maxing with Forza Horizon 4 all week, so i think I’ll keep things the same. Driving around with The Killers playing in Spotify is just a nice way to spend an evening. That said, I need my VR fix, so I’m gonna see if there’s anything on offer for the Quest, and if not, I’ll see if my fellow Quester, Jez, wants to paddle my arse in some VR table tennis.

Jeremy Peterson:

As I was scrolling through PlayStation Now looking for something to play, I’ve decided to lean into this quarantine thing and finally play Fallout: New Vegas. When I get tired of that, it looks like Sir Harding has challenged me to some Quest VR table tennis. Virtual Battlefield is the latest VR battle royale game and despite being in beta, it’s actually a lot of fun. I’ll probably play some more of that when Chris has had enough ping pong domination.

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