Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 207

Happy Friday you sexy PlayStation gamers! It’s time for the 207th edition of Pure PlayStation Plays, which is our weekly roundup of the games we’ll be playing this weekend. Week 207 means we’ve been doing these for a long time. If my math is correct, that’s damn near 4 years. I haven’t been part of the team for that long, but I did check the archives to see what games were poppin’ back in May of 2016.

The likes of Uncharted 4, early access Overwatch, and Divinity: Original Sin, were the apple of the Pure PlayStation staff’s eye at the time. Who knows, maybe in four more years we’ll be playing the remastered Uncharted series and the Divinity: Original Sin remake the world has been clamoring for? Would it still be the original sin at this point? Hard to say, but tune in to Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 414 in May of 2024 to find out!

Hannah Ellis

Well, except for the exam revision, I’m hoping to start Final Fantasy VII. It was a bit of an impulse buy, considering the lack of time I have available at the moment (darn you priorities) but you only lockdown once, right?

Max Taylor

I finally finished Persona 5 Royal albeit on a rather sour note as I didn’t fulfill the hidden requirements to access the new semester and palace. In a bid to comfort my woes and keep myself sane as I work through my final ever uni essay, I’ll be working through some of my backlog of short indie games including Seasons After Fall, Erica, The Deadly Tower of Monsters and Strider.

Chris Harding

I’ve discovered something this week: I bloody love playing games on my phone via Google’s Stadia. I spent an hour hid away in my room this morning to play Zombie Army, and I keep slinking off for large parts of the day to play it in peace. It never lasts long, but it’s fun.

I’ll be spending my weekend working on our new sister site, Pure Stadia. Yes, another Pure website. Get over it. There is nothing I can’t stick the word “pure” in front of and then run with it. Pure Netflix is coming soon, beyotch!

Yasmine Hubbard

During the weekend I intend to finish a game I’m currently reviewing. However, earlier this week I dug out some old school Xbox games and have already sunk many hours into re-playing Jade Empire. Whenever I go back to this game I always tell myself I’m going to go for an open palm play-through, but inevitably delve back into my carnage side and embrace the closed fist ideology instead. Damn, I miss it when Bioware made games like this…

Stuart Mclean

I caught a bargain on some digital funds, so I went a bit wild on PSN and now I’m in that great position of having plenty to choose from – do I become a castaway at sea in Stranded Deep, or in space in Deliver us the Moon? Maybe fight my way out of Racoon City in Resident Evil 2, or Wilamette in Dead Rising 4? Now I have so much choice I will probably play none of the above and just look at them all feeling guilty while I continue to milk FF7R for all it is worth as I strive for the platinum, your guess is as good as mine.

Jason Frye

My weekend gaming will be devoted to a couple of reviews, but I’m hoping to make some more time for Path of Exile. I’m enjoying the new content and tweaks, and it’s just as addictive as ever. I only meant to play for ten minutes last weekend, and I had a missing time gap that only alien abductees can appreciate.

Jeremy Peterson

Not that it matters these days as time is nothing but a flat circle, but it’s still technically Friday so this is what I’ll be doing this weekend. I’m getting deep into a top-secret preview for an upcoming release and it’s pretty damn good so far. I’m also having fun with Stranded Deep, the PC deserted island survival game that was just ported to the PS4. And it hasn’t changed my opinion that my fate is to die horribly in a shark attack … despite living in Nebraska. It wouldn’t be a weekend without some PC VR multiplayer with El Capitan. Hopefully some Onward VR, but I’d settle for some Pavlov or Arizona Sunshine.

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