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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 221

It’s sweltering in Pure PlayStation HQ, and the sweat is starting to stink up the place. It won’t help, then, that VR gaming is on the menu this weekend. Sweaty eyeballs – and other balls – are going to be the complaints throughout the weekend.

I hope you’re keeping well and cool. If you’ve got air-con, use it! If you don’t, then steal some! Or at least stay indoors and avoid the midday sun, lest you end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. Your best bet is to close the curtains, get a coolbox full of ice for your drinks, a bucket of ice for your feet, and some chill games to see you through the scorching weekend. Here’s how we’re beating the heat this weekend:

Chris Harding

As always, I’ve got several reviews that are waiting to be typed up, and more on the way to get playing. It’s going to be a busy weekend for sure, and with the maddening heat, it’s going to be a sticky one, too. Damn Germany and its lack of in-home air conditioning! I’ll spend the weekend playing games and longing for my hotel room in Las Vegas. I’m sure the air-con there made me sick, but at least I was cool, damn it!

Stuart McLean

The next few days are all about the Avengers beta, blasting around as Iron Man or smashing it up as Hulk. Having already played a few missions I can see it has the potential to be a lot of fun, especially in co-op. If I have my fill of superhero shenanigans I will reacquaint myself with Outer Wilds having had a few days away.

Jason Frye

This weekend will not have as much time for gaming, but I will be trying to whittle down games like Wasteland 2. Between recent sales and this month’s PS Plus games, I’m not sure where to start, but I have plenty of options.

Yasmine Jenna

Falls Guys: Ultimate Knockout came out earlier this week and I cannot lie, the game has me hooked! It’s like Takeshi Castle had a love child with a Battle Royale game and it’s brilliant!
Falls Guys: Ultimate Knockout is also a free game this month with PlayStation Plus so it’s definitely worth picking up before the deal is gone if you ask me! The UK is in store for some sunny weather this weekend as well, so I may venture into my garden for a good hour or so before I come to the realization I do every summer: I hate hot weather…

Hannah Ellis

I will be trying to find a home for all the books I’ve bought this week. But when I’m not playing the librarian, I will be trying Rage 2 because I’m a sucker for a colourful cover.

Jeremy Peterson

After playing and loving The Last of Us 2 I’ve decided to go back and play some old games I liked but never finished. I’m about halfway through Red Dead Redemption 2 and I’m enjoying it. But the most fun I’m having right now is playing Onward on the Quest. The visuals took a larger than expected drop from the PC version but the freedom from wires more than makes up for it. I’m no Army Ranger or Navy Seal but I can take a virtual bullet with the best of them.

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