Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 210

Like many of the games we play, some of us are beginning our own grand adventure. Recent graduates from a long, difficult, and certainly unusual year will be going out to climb corporate towers to reveal more of their life’s map, gaining more experience to level up, and putting points into their “now what?” stat. Congrats to you, wherever you are in your studies, and good luck.

Here are our educational plans for this weekend. (One of us is actually studying too!) Let us know your plans in the comments, and be sure to drop any good advice to students and recent graduates alike.

Max Taylor

Having spent the last few days playing the excellent Maneater I’m considering getting a Sharkoplasty and eloping into the ocean to escape both humanity and their inconvenient infectious diseases. Until then, I’ll be cleaning up collectibles in the aforementioned ShaRkPG and indulging in some nostalgia as I replay arguably Rockstars’ best game Bully.

Stuart Mclean

This weekend I’ll be dusting of the headset and taking my armour for a spin in the Iron Man VR Demo (Spoiler – I will be sick), and exploring the depths of the ocean in Maneater, which is what I would imagine a dark and twisted version of Ecco the Dolphin remake would feel like.

Hannah Ellis

The console is locked away for the next 3 weeks as I try to find room in my little brain for 2,600 pages of physics. So, with my desk cluttered with 20 years worth of past papers and pencils sharpened, I’m officially revising. But, and there’s always a but, I am enjoying a little Super Street Fighter II during my breaks, courtesy of the SNES.

Yasmine Jenna

After playing Rocket League earlier this week with my friend, I’ve come to the conclusion I’m not just bad – I’m really bad at Rocket League. Therefore, I intend to refine my craft (if possible) this weekend in the art of flinging cars. Other than that, I may suit up and pretend to be an Avenger for the day and try out the new Iron Man VR demo.

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Chris Harding

I’ve got a few choices this weekend, but I absolutely need to finish Gorn and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on PSVR for review duties. When I’m not slaving away in the name of Pure PlayStation, I’ve gotten into the LEGO Star Wars games again, which is always good fun. And, if we can manage it, Jeremy – some VR Table Tennis? Or Contractors, which is in Beta on the Quest, and it’s supposedly coming to PSVR, too. Fun!

Jeremy Peterson

Finishing my review of Gorn for Pure PSVR is my top priority, but I’ve been easily distracted by a few other games that I just can’t seem to quit lately. I’m talking about Super Mega Baseball 3 mostly. Just when I was getting ready to raise the difficulty to keep it interesting, my bullpen decided to melt down and blow a five-run lead to a last-place team. Notice I said “my bullpen” and “not me”. “I” was pitching great, I don’t know what their problem was. I’ve also been spending a lot of time in the Quest getting my shooter fix. As Chris said, Contractors is in beta on the Quest but is still satisfying that VR COD feeling that I always wanted to experience. Saying this, I find manually replacing a spent mag, racking the slide, and literally fumbling around my chest trying to remember where I placed my frag grenades is more suited to the slower-paced tactical grind of Onward VR than the run-and-gun action of Contractors or Pavlov.

Jason Frye

I need to catch up on some non-gaming things again, but I’ll be deep into Path of Exile at some point. When I need a break from slicing through monsters and evaluating which piece of gear will give me a .05% improvement, I want to give more time to Spirit Hunter: NG. The free LEGO Ninjago Movie game will probably make an appearance too, and, according to my local experts, it’s pretty good so far.

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