Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 211

Welcome to the late-late edition of Pure PlayStation Plays where we tell you what gaming misadventures we have planned for the weekend. My Friday was insanely busy so I’m a little late getting this out, but it’s still Friday where I live so hopefully the boss doesn’t fire me. It’s no time to be looking for work, am I right? Let us know what you’ll be playing this weekend in the comments while I spice up my resume.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ve got a last-minute road trip this weekend which means for the next several days it’s going to be me, my Switch, and the loneliest, most desolate stretch of highway in the United States. I have no idea what I’m going to play on the Switch. Maybe I’ll buy something brand new to play. Maybe even something that isn’t on sale. Maybe.

Hannah Ellis

I’m giving myself a few hours away from the books by setting up an endurance race in Project Cars 2. And I’ll also be starting Far Cry New Dawn, now I’m over the overwhelming content feeling of the other two.

Jason Frye

After listening to Stuart talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake, I’ve finally been able to try it, and it’s very good. It feels like the mix of classic and modern that Square Enix has been trying to do for a while, but it’s done correctly. It’s also a gorgeous game. I’m constantly amazed at just how good it looks. The new musical arrangements hit me with that nostalgia while still feeling fresh. Outside that, I’ll be playing a little more of Path of Exile and some games on the SNES Classic.

Stuart Mclean

Having recently spent a fortune in the PS Store, I’ll be continuing to work through my purchases, starting with Just Cause 4. If time allows I’m hoping to get some Borderlands 3 co-op in, but if I’m honest it’s feeling so repetitive now it’s mainly the fact I’m playing it with a buddy that stops me calling time on it.

Yasmine Jenna

I imagine my weekend will be filled with more Rocket League practicing like last week. I’m seeing marginal improvement in my gameplay, but I’m sure my skills are still very lacking (especially compared to my friend). I also intend to start a new play-through of Yooka-Laylee. I never finished the game when it came out a while back, and something more on the light-hearted side is definitely calling out to me this weekend. Plus, the sleazy snake salesman called Trowzer never failed to make me laugh.

Max Taylor

I’ll be playing a mix of games old and new this weekend. I recently replayed Bully, a game I’d love to see a sequel or at least remake of, so I’ll be grinding towards the platinum in that. I also recently realised I never platinumed The Order 1886, so, nearly 5 years after I first played it, I’ll be gathering up its collectibles while remarking in awe at just how good that game still looks. Alongside those, I’ll be playing the recently released Those Who Remain for review and doing my best not to get as freaked out as Chris did during his preview of the game!

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