Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 215

Sometimes in life, we are confronted with questions that we may never truly know the answers too.
These include:

What is the secret formula to the Krabby Patty?
Who works at the Krusty Krab when Spongebob and Squidward aren’t there?

And potentially the most important question of all,
Is mayonnaise an instrument?  

But these hard-hitting questions doesn’t spoil the nostalgia of SpongeBob SquarePants, and there’s plenty of nostalgia to soak up this week with the release of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated.

From here on out, I’m going to embrace my inner Squidward and laugh at all my sarcastic remarks.
However, let’s not compare my gameplay to Squidward’s clarinet playing…
Shall we find out what our fellow Band Geeks are up to this weekend?

Jason Frye

After a long week, I’ve got to finish up a review, but I’ll be sampling some new games on the buffet of PS Now as long as my internet connection cooperates. If not, I may start a new character in Path of Exile to try out the Harvest content that dropped this week. If nothing else, we may just skip games and play with the huge box of random LEGO pieces that we bought on Ebay.

Hannah Ellis

It is going to be a weekend of TT Ride on the Edge. After watching the virtual version of the race last week, I’m a little addicted to it now. Although, with an average laptime of 20 minutes, it’s a little all consuming. Not that I’m complaining…

Max Taylor

After a very busy I’ll finally have time to settle in with The Last of Us Part II so hopefully I’ll finish it over the weekend.

Chris Harding

I’ve finished The Last of Us 2, and I’m now moving onto greener pastures with… Hunting Simulator 2. Should be fun… I’ve also got a new Oculus game on the Quest called Phantom: Covert Ops. It’s silly, but it’s alright so far, so I’m gonna see how far I can get over the weekend. Mind you, the headset isn’t all that comfortable with this heatwave we’re having, so I may just spend the weekend down in the pool with a few beers and Stadia on my phone.

Yasmine Hubbard

It may be time to revisit Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on the PS3 with the shiny remaster on the horizon. It feels like a seriously underrated game at times and it’s pretty exciting that the game is getting the remaster treatment. Plus, I’m not one for buying movies or TV series on PlayStation Store but the 2003 animation TV series for Teen Titans sounds too good to pass up on. Booyah!

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