Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 217

Tomorrow will be one month since the PS5 was shown, and, outside the reveal for the game case and box art for the Miles Morales Spider-Man this week, we only have a trickle of info from Sony. Even after the reveal, we still haven’t seen all the connectors on that white whale of a box. The holy grail of speculation right now is pricing, but it seems that game prices may increase too. What will be the next surprise, and when will hear about the PSVR 2?

It’s strange to think that we know so much more than a month ago, but we still don’t seem to know much. I know its a marketing plan building up to the launch, but I just wish it wasn’t so slow. Maybe we’ll hear more from Ubisoft this weekend?

While we wait for the next slow release of information, here’s what we’ll be doing this weekend. Be sure to put your plans in the comments.

Yasmine Jenna

Alas, I have a jam-packed week ahead of me. Filled with boring real-life activities that will leave the time for gaming scarce this weekend. Therefore, during my free time, I may just watch something casually on Netflix or play a few matches of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist if I can sneak them in.

Stuart Mclean

A busy weekend actually leaving the house because I’m feeling crazy. That, and I am in desperate need of a hair cut. Once I’ve had my wig bashed, I am hoping to get more of my backlog tidied up, so most likely split between Resident Evil 2 and Ni No Kuni Wrath of The White Witch, in preparation for Ghosts of Tsushima next week.

Chris Harding 

My weekend is shoes and reviews. Saturday I’m working, then Saturday night and Sunday I will either be writing my own reviews for F1 2020, and others, or turning my dear colleagues’ reviews into videos. I’m curious about Iron Man VR so I might have a gamble in that too.

Jason Frye

Like Chris, I will also be working on reviews. Outside those, I gave Dragon’s Crown Pro a try, and it’s a decent remake. I may spend some more time there, but I hear the siren song of the latest sales calling me to incredible bargains. We just need health professionals to declare a gaming backlog to be an official sickness, and we can start receiving the treatment we need.

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