Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 220

Gaming means different things to different people. For some, games are literally a lifesaver. For others, they are a way to pass the time. Some game on their phones, and others have an elaborate room, like a temple, dedicated to gaming. No matter where you stand, and, even if you think it’s a waste of time, it sure is nice to have a great summer of gaming.

We hope your summer is going well. Here’s what we’re doing this weekend. Be sure to let us know your plans in the comments.

Chris Harding

I’m spending the weekend feeling sorry for myself – I’m ill, again, and in this climate, who knows what my body is riddled with? When I can, I’ll be playing a couple of games for review, as well as a couple of really cool previews I’ve got coming up for next week. Aside from my work duties, I don’t really have much else planned. Onward releases on the Oculus Quest this week, so I’ve been putting a bit of time in with Jez as we shoot bad guys for fun, so I’ll probably play that, illness permitting…

Stuart Mclean

This may be a controversial statement, but I’m at the point of playing Ghost of Tsushima where everything is just starting to feel very repetitive, so I’m giving that a rest this weekend to get through a few more games in my backlog. First off is Outer Wilds which I’m really enjoying. Even though I’ve barely started it, it is a refreshing change from the pressures of being a samurai and following foxes every chance I get. Between Outer Wilds and a game for review, my weekend is pretty much sorted.

Yasmine Jenna

Earlier this week I started re-watching the first season of The Umbrella Academy to remind myself everything that’s happened in the plot so far. So, this weekend I intend finishing off season one and begin binge-watching season 2, alongside completing Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD that I started playing last weekend.

Hannah Ellis

This weekend I’ll be pre-ordering a physical copy of Stardew Valley for the Switch – it’s about time, right!?! After that, I’m going to finish the SpongeBob movie I’ve started before finally getting round to the console – because I’m a responsible adult, I’m going to give Lego Harry Potter a go. But then there’s the British Grand Prix, too, so scarface junior will have some competition.

Jason Frye

It’s a rinse and repeat weekend for me. I am working on a video review to go out soon. After that, it’s on to the next review. I have some other content ideas in my head I want to work out, but that may have to wait until next week. There’s just never enough time to do everything, right?

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