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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 222

Are you heading back to school soon, or are you going to stream school to you? It seems like learning will include more distance this year and fewer social activities, but we’re told that it’s an essential part of life. It sounds like something people who want to sell you something might say, but we can’t deny the value of keeping our brains wrinkly with new ideas.

Before you head back to spending all your time in formulas and facts, make sure you have some time to rest, relax a little, and, of course, finish a couple of games. We are hoping to hit all three this weekend, and here are our plans. Be sure to drop yours in the comments. They may be better than ours, and we’ll copy you just like we copy off the tests of the smart kid in class.

Yasmine Jenna

I’ll be tinkering with the finishing touches of a review this weekend, alongside playing a few rounds of Fall Guys. If the persistent thunderstorms permit it…

Stuart Mclean

A quiet weekend on the gaming front, but if time allows I will dip into some Fall Guys and try to refrain from throwing the controller against the wall. Gotta get me some crowns.

Chris Harding

It’s another weekend of scorching weather, but there’s word on the street that we’ll be getting a storm tomorrow, so all fingers are crossed for a heavy downpour so I can fulfill my fantasies of running naked in the rain.

If I’m not arrested for indecent exposure, it’s gonna be a weekend of fun! I’ve got reviews to do, and I’m dipping into Rock of Ages 3 again, but this time on Stadia, so be sure to keep an eye out for the eventual video on Pure Play TV.

Me and Jez have been killing it in Onward for the Oculus Quest, so if my fellow Brother in Arms is down to lie on the ground and cry for his Momma with me, that’s on the agenda too. I’ve also spotted a few sales, so I might spend a little bit of pocket money on some new stuff.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m putting up new doors on the front and back of my house this weekend, but if that goes smoothly, I’ll be crawling through the virtual desert of Onward. I also want to give Stranded Deep the attention I didn’t give it after I bought it, but that is probably another week or two away, unfortunately.

Jason Frye

With the third game due at the end of the month, I will be trying to save more post-apocalyptic residents in Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut. Since saving doesn’t always work, my other strategy has been to kill them all. It’s a harsh world, but I’m enjoying it.

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