Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 224

It’s Friday night, and I hope wherever you live, that still means something. In my house, where everybody is still working from home, Friday night has felt an awful lot like any other night for months. But chin up, sexy PlayStation gamers, cause 2020 can’t last forever. In fact, if my math is correct, it can only last another 125 days. That’s not so long! We can do this!

So grab a cold beverage, dim the lights, and play some games. You know you want to.

Stuart Mclean

Having had a few days away from the PS4 I have some catching up to do. Besides a few reviews that will be taking up much of my weekend, I still have Ghosts of Tsushima to finish – it might be a controversial opinion but it just felt a touch too repetitive for me. Hopefully, a weekend of gaming can get me back into it.

Yasmine Jenna

I’ve got a lovely bunch of reviews to be working on, which will be sure to keep me occupied this weekend. However, if I get any cheeky time to myself there has been so many games that have come out this week – that have been on my radar for a while now. Luckily, one of those games I may be reviewing that I’m pretty happy about.
The other two hit right in the childhood with Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of The Champions and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered. I’m beyond excited whether it’s this weekend or sometime next week to start playing them! Although I did discover Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered doesn’t have a platinum trophy that I was honestly shocked by as the game can be pretty long depending how you decide to play it – but that won’t stop me enjoying the game nevertheless (I hope).

Chris harding

I’m going rally racing in WRC 9 this weekend, and then I’m battling evil forces in Shing! for review. I’ve got a busy schedule of games to keep me from living in the real world, and I’m quite happy about that. The weather has taken a nice turn and the temperatures have dropped, so I’m tempted to pull out the PSVR and see what’s on offer there these days. And, if my fellow shooter Jez fancies it, a bit of Onward VR.

Jason Frye

I’ll be working on a review and preview, so that will probably be 100% of my time. If I have some to spare, I will be trying to finish Wasteland 2 and trying not to buy Wasteland 3 after reading Jeremy’s glowing review.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m still playing Wasteland 3 ’cause it is just the chill RPG time killer I’ve been craving lately. I didn’t know I needed that, but I did. I also started an old-school 3D Zelda clone for review that has been fairly entertaining. I already lost four hours on it this morning. And because Jez very much fancies it, I’ll carve out some time to shoot some bad guys in Onward VR!


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