Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 225

Yasmine couldn’t believe it’s Friday. And, to be honest, neither could I. I’m used to working from home a lot before this recent world lockdown, but even I’m struggling to keep track of each passing sunrise. Maybe it’s because I don’t open my curtains as much as I should do. Or that I’m drinking far too many builder’s brews to notice such a fine detail of the day. All I know is, whatever the reason, Friday seems to be happening about four times a week at the moment. At least that’s what my socks seem to think. 

I did make it to town this week, which was a victory of sorts. Not that it felt as comfortable as it once did. In fact, if you happened to pick anything up off the shelf for a perusal, I swear the man in the photo above popped up demanding you had better buy it; he is the spitting image of every shopkeeper I came across (not that spitting is allowed anymore). That’s because we’re all the enemy now to one another and browsing is something only possible online. At least things are cheaper there…

Joke! You should always support small, local businesses.

Anyway, enough of me talking you through my exciting life – let’s get to the juicy stuff: specifically, what we’re doing over the next few days. If you want to share your plans with us, then feel free – we could be pretending to be you next weekend!

Yasmine Hubbard

It’s Friday today!? I’m sure it was only Tuesday yesterday…

I still have some reviews underneath my belt that I need to get done in the coming days. Alongside that, the new shiny games I bought last week are still untouched (not even downloaded the beauties to my poor PS4 yet). Hopefully, I’ll start one of them sometime soon!
Other than that, I’ve got the Fall Guys itch that may need to be scratched at some point during the weekend.

Aviendha Rounds

I actually super loved Kingdoms of Amalur so I’ll likely be playing more of that. Although I’ve got a vampire game to get through as well! If I’m not doing either of those its going to be Minecraft for me. I’ve got some boats to build!

Jason Frye

It’s Derby Weekend, so I and everyone else will be watching the horse race from the safety of our homes. For gaming, I’ll be killing my way through a stealthy review, and I’ll be returning to finish Wasteland 2 if the game’s technical issues don’t prevent my progress. When I need something out of my norm, Dead Cells has been a pleasant surprise.

Chris Harding

I got bitten by the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 bug last night and I don’t expect to recover until early next week. I’m going to spend every available hour finding every secret the game has to offer before going online and dominating the competition with my disgraceful manual combo skills. It’s a little scummy, but it’s how I used to win as a kid and I’m not changing anything.
If I can get my homie Jez online for a bit of Onward, I’ll happily shoot bad guys in the balls while we talk utter crap. Also, review duties. Oh, and I’ll be putting some video reviews together, too, and one of them is by far one of the best games I’ve played this year, and I’m so excited to have that review out next week! If you like old-school racing, you’re gonna wanna check in on my Hotshot Racing review on September 8th!

Jeremy Peterson

I’ve got a lot going on this weekend, but if I can find the time, I’ll be playing the remastered THPS 1 & 2. It completed downloading just as I finished an epic battle on the excellent Wasteland 3 this morning. I can almost hear the Goldfinger already!

Stuart McLean

Currently I have a 10GB update downloading and once it does, this weekend is all about The Avengers with a few review duties thrown in. I plan on throwing in some sleeping and eating for good measure as I try to milk the weekend for all it is worth.

Hannah Ellis

I’ll be letting the side down by starting some much needed revision for the new year. But I do at least have a distraction on standby – Celeste on the Switch. I love a good platformer, and like to have my skills tested, so it seems like the perfect choice. But I guess those strawberries could turn sour when things start to get tough… Wish me luck!

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