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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 227

With all the noise about PS5 preorders, Xbox Series whatever, and the Oculus Quest 2, your PS4 is probably feeling pretty lowly about now. Do you even look it in the eye when you insert your copy of COD Modern Warfare anymore? And when was the last time you bothered to ask how its day was while forcing it to download update after update for you?

While the PS4 knew this day was coming, that doesn’t make it easy. What do you say you take the old girl out for one more weekend adventure? You have to admit you had some good times. Go on, she deserves it. Besides, you’ll need to keep up your endurance if you want to see everything the PS5 has to offer in a few months.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m still efforting a PS5 preorder, but I did secure me the upcoming Quest 2 and the premium strap. So I’m more than a little excited to try that out. In the meantime, Wasteland 3 is keeping me busy and entertained. It’s not all daydreaming about the next big thing and conquering the wasteland, however, I’m still working my way through a game for review that is reminding me how smart I ain’t.

Yasmine Hubbard

I have a review that I need to roundup sometime during the weekend. Otherwise, I’ll be recovering from a very busy week of real-life duty antics. Stars Wars film marathon? Don’t mind if I do…

Jason Frye

I have a couple of reviews, but I want to give the Cold War COD alpha a go. Other than that, I’m going back to older games I’ve bought to try to finish them. I’m trying to stick to that plan, but there’s no sabotage like self-sabotage.

Hanna Ellis

Apart from trying to forgive the mother for her advice to ‘just get an Xbox’ with regards to the PlayStation 5 drought, I will be playing the new Story of Seasons on Switch. I’m hoping it’ll scratch the Stardew Valley itch until that physical copy arrives in November, and also be a welcome nod to Harvest Moon of old – but I think Stardew has spoiled us so much, the rest pale into insignificance.

Chris Harding

This weekend I’m going to be sat editing my latest masterpiece for the YouTube channel, as well as taking on some reviews. I’ve recently gotten into Spellbreak, and I’ve even got it downloaded on the Switch so I can play anywhere in the house. Because why not? I’m tempted to get the Super Mario All-Stars Collection, too, but all funds are currently being diverted towards guaranteeing a PS5 come release day. Fingers bloody crossed…

Stuart Mclean

After an unsure start, I’m fully into the swing of Marvels The Avengers and for the time being, the gear grind has me hooked. Having read Chris’ review of THPS 1 + 2 I had to get my nostalgia fix, and alongside the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collections, I’m a very busy boy. So it’s a mix of skating, plumbing, and superheroics – plus review duties that I must finish this weekend or this could be my last Plays before I get the sack…

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