Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 229

Aaaaaand we’re back. It must be Friday because everybody in the Pure PlayStation Slack group is bragging about their amazing weekend gaming plans. Some are having it better than others, and by that, I mean I’m having the least-fun weekend, but still quite fun, but I’m also being made to do adult stuff. By that I mean, visiting a friend for a cup of socially-distanced tea in the garden. I didn’t even want to go…

HI hope that you’re all doing alright too and keeping your distance from one another. No hugging. No kissing. And definitely, no teabagging, unless you’re playing Call of Duty, of course.

Here’s what we’re up to this weekend.

Chris Harding

I’m in the middle of a few reviews, including the recently released Budget Cuts for PSVR. While the PSVR headset is out of storage, I’ll keep on chipping away at the trophies for the fantastic The Walking Dead: Onslaught and maybe re-download a few older PSVR games I’ve not played in a while. I’m also working on my next review video, and it’s for Let’s Sing Queen. If you thought some of the previous videos on our channel were a giggle, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

Being locked up at home isn’t much fun, but it’s much easier with virtual reality, so I’m thankful I’ve got both the Quest and the PSVR to escape the confines of my house. If my colleague Jez is around, I’ll probably play a few rounds of Onward, too. We’re getting good, you know. We barely even shoot each other in the back, and when we do, it’s at the end of the round when we’ve already won. Progress!

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Stuart McLean

I have Mafia: Definitive Edition barely started and I am currently downloading Star Wars: Squadrons so it looks like my weekend is either 1930s gangster or pilot in a galaxy far far away. This is probably my last game purchase between now and the next generation to allow me to get my backlog down to a decent-sized pile, but who knows – what is it they say about fools and money??

Hannah Ellis

Apart from fiddling around with some python coding for uni, I’m spending the weekend planning my portable gaming rig. With the new consoles on the horizon, I want to make gaming as quick and as easy as possible. So, my goal is to make something that fits in a Pelicase. My only stumbling block? Ventilation.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’m on review duties this weekend. However, I may give Genshin Impact and Rogue Company a whirl as they’re both free-to-play. The only thing it will cost me is my precious time that I won’t ever get back.

Jason Frye

This weekend, I’m barricading myself in a room to finish a review while I subsist on a diet of mint tea and cough drops. Focus!

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll spend the weekend expanding and fortifying Alexandria while stabbing every walker that gets in my way in The Walking Dead: Onslaught. When my stabbing arm gets tired, I’ll probably play some Onward VR with Pure Chris.

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