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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 23

Happy weekend Pure peeps! It’s that time again when the Pure PlayStation crew get to spend some time with their loved ones (PS4’s), or their red-headed, basement dwelling, step children (Vita’s). Check out what we’ll be playing below, then bang down to the comments to tell us what you’ll be up to.

Kyle Durrant: This weekend is an interesting one. I have to decide if I want Mafia 3 or not which usually doesn’t happen with me. Rarely am I ever unsure if I want a video game. I’m very black or white in that regard. Baring that I got good ol’ Rocket League and Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force.

Jason Frye:  It is a deity filled weekend for me. I like to wield godlike powers, and a cult leader is one of my three dream careers. This will help me as I work to finish Reus for review and take out my righteous anger on an ungrateful population. I will also try to play with those metal gods in Transformers Devastation, included in the PlayStation Plus October games.

Dom O’Leary: I’ll be mostly playing the recent PS4 port of Firaxis’ XCOM 2, which should be exciting, but… well… more on that later. In between I’ll be educating my lady love on the glory of the Resident Evil that started it all, via it’s surprisingly good re-re-re-re-re-release.

Chris Harding: Is off having some well deserved rest after blowing through not only Mafia 3, but also FIFA 17 this week. So we’ll write this up for him; this weekend, Chris will almost certainly be playing this non-stop:

Chris loves J-games, especially with copious fan-service. Fact.

[Note by Chris: Not funny, boys, not funny at all…]

See you on PSN! Be sure to put down your DualShock, just for a moment, and check out Pure PlayStation over the weekend, as we just might have some surprises in store. Or not… ooh, how mysterious. 

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