Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 230

How was the commute tonight? Did you sail through the lights and make it home in a record time, or did you get stuck in the tailbacks, left with little else to do than simply watch your gaming time tick away? Because there’s nothing worse than your grand plans coming to nothing. Well, maybe nothing except for when you sit down for a gaming session and just as you select a save, something crops up. Something that can’t be put off but you’d rather had stayed away. I had quite the fun journey home, if you’re interested. The bus driver was singing, missing stops and taking the speed bumps like the guy in the photo above. His makeup wasn’t as on point, though. But you can’t have everything, can you?

Anyway, enough of me clowning about, what game are you pulling from up your sleeve this weekend? We’ve got these corkers lined up, so whilst your browsing your library, how about giving it a read? We’re quite interesting, I promise. However, no time refunds are given if you feel under changed.

Jason Frye

I will be trying to catch up on some non-gaming things this weekend, but I’ll also be dipping back into Metro: Exodus. Path of Exile has been calling my name too, but it may get pushed out by requests to return to a family playthrough of Rachet and Clank I started a while ago.

Stuart McLean

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My weekends of catch up gaming continue while I count down the hours until the release of the PS5, so while I wait I have Mafia and Star Wars Squadrons to keep my impatient thumbs occupied. On top of that, I’ll be doing something a little different this weekend – some coop with our happy little dictator Hérr Harding for review so keep your eyes peeled for that one next week.

Yasmine Hubbard

Game Boy Advance is pulling me back in this weekend as I foolishly started a new playthrough of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stone. I’m always incredibly stubborn when it comes to playing the Fire Emblem series and refuse to lose any comrades. Even if it means replaying the level again or starting a new playthrough if it saves before I get a chance to interrupt it…

Jeremy Peterson

I’m only days away from receiving the Oculus Quest 2 and my excitement levels are reaching critical mass. In the meantime, I’m playing multiple games for review along with shambling my way through The Walking Dead: Onslaught, which is a brainless good time.

Hannah Ellis

I will be venturing into the world of SpongeBob Squarepants as I give The Battle For Bikini Bottom a go. I’ve watched so much of the cartoon recently that I will be disappointed if I don’t make an appearance. Preferably, munching on a Krabby Patty because I’m a little peckish as I write this…

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