Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 232

Did you hear the good news around the block? Finally, it’s Friday night! Time to get the snack-food ready on standby, turn on the game console, and say the infamous phrase “I’ll play just one more game”.

This has happened to me far too often recently with Fall Guys. You innocently play a few games with not much time passing. Then before you know it, the morning sunlight is creeping in, the birds are chirping and you’re wondering how did you get here?

Well, because you refuse to have the last game as elimination from Slime Climb or the time you were abandoned by the rest of the yellow team in a game of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Why couldn’t they just worry about pushing our ball into the goal…

Surely, this weekend will be different, and I’ll head to bed at a reasonable time, right?
Shall we find out what everyone else is up to this weekend?

Jason Frye

Unless something changes, it’s a zero gaming weekend for me, so I’ll be living vicariously through everyone else’s plans.

Jeremy Peterson

Despite having little experience and even less talent playing battle royales, I’m really enjoying Population: One on the Oculus Quest 2. Hopefully, Chris is well enough to join me to make sucking at it a little less sucky. I’m also 3 shivs deep into my second playthrough of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. It’s my first time playing it without wires and it is just as good as I remembered. Probably my game of the year, if that’s still a thing.

Chris Harding

I’m going to watch the new Borat movie and then spend the next 6 months repeating phrases from the film. Just as I did 14 years ago…I’ve got some reviews to catch up on over the weekend, as well as a few personal joy games, like Population 1 and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on the Quest.

Stuart Mclean

it’s a weekend of rest and very little gaming for me. Any gaming I do manage to squeeze in will be spent trying to finish Ghosts of Tsushima having given up months ago.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’m sure Fall Guys will make an appearance at some point during the weekend. Alongside that, I’m fighting the temptation of buying Supermarket Shriek as the game seems like it’s pure madness. Who doesn’t want to grab a goat, jump into a shopping cart, and scream like a madman? I can now safely play out these fantasies in video games as I don’t think people would thank me for acting out these actions in real life.

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