Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 233 – Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween, Pure PlayStationeers! Hit the video up above and then read the words down below. Stay safe, stay well, and stay at home!

This weekend won’t be a bore, 

We’re up past midnight, comparing scores,

Discs and downloads, it’s all the same, 

It doesn’t matter how you game, 

Shooting footballs or some guns, 

The main thing is that you’re having fun, 

Don’t worry if you to start to smell, 

You’re going nowhere, we’re all in hell.


We’ll keep on playing through the night, 

We’ll play until the dark sky’s bright, 

We’ll share the victories and defeats, 

CoD, Watch Dogs, Fifa Ultimate Team, 

One way or another, they’ll make you scream, 

In Gears 5 you’ll be getting gipped, 

It’ll teach you to fire from the hip


Rocket League has you pulling your hair, 

It’s all the lag, man, it’s not fair!

You’ll message the others, calling them twonks, 

Invite them to 1v1, or a chat on Zoom, 

Only to insult their mother’s womb,

Hold the controller tight, don’t fumble, 

For mere mortals are known to tumble, 

When the DualShock 4 does rumble.


Chris Harding

My weekend will involve a Halloween party at home (no guests invited) and some good, good, gaming. I’ve got Watch Dogs Legion on the go for review, as well as DIRT 5, so I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy. I’ve also got a playdate with Jeremy to do our usual VR crap – we talk nonsense and shoot some bad guys. Standard.

Yasmine Hubbard

It’s Halloween tomorrow! Spooky films and games will certainly be in order! I’m planning on trying out the Dead Rising films this weekend. I’ve heard they are not the greatest films going, but hopefully, they won’t be too bad! If not, I’ll start a new playthrough of the first Dead Rising game, to inevitably start weeping that I’ve missed one of Otis’s calls halfway through the game like I always do…

Peep this:  Review: Clid The Snail - PS4, PS5

Jason Frye

After Best Buy showed me that The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope would be on sale in a few weeks for Black Friday, I cancelled my pre-order. That means I’m back to exploring more of Atelier Ryza, but I may also just dip into more PS Now games and enjoy some limited Halloween festivities this weekend.

Stuart McLean

Being the resident PurePlaystation wimp, Halloween was never up there on my list of favourite holidays so I’ll not be partaking in any scary activities; instead, I will be milking Cobra Kai for all it is worth as I hunt out every last collectable and finish upgrading my characters. I’ll still be stuffing my face with sweets as I do it, just without the trick or treating involved to get them all.

Hannah Ellis

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be getting some more attention this weekend, as it’s probably the scariest game I own (well, there’s also Bloodborne but despite its spookiness, my ineptitude at playing it is even scarier). Apart from that, I might go to the other extreme and take a few more shifts in Two Point Hospital – I’ve got the facemask, after all. ‘Say aaahhhh’.

Jeremy Peterson

I don’t think there will be any Halloween hijinks at the Peterson Ranch this weekend. I have thought about replaying Half-Life: Alyx but if I wanted giant spiders jumping at my face I’d move to Australia. I will, however, find some time to continue my replay of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on the Quest, because it’s really good and shambling zombies aren’t as scary to me as giant face-hugging spider thingies. Hopefully, I can pry Chris away from his duties as lead video editor of Pure Play TV to play some of the new VR battle Royale game Population: One or some Onward VR this weekend.

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