Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 234

I could talk about something else, but there’s only one thing on our minds. The PS5 is launching next week, and the info floodgates are bursting open today with reviews, hands-on experience, and general rumor squashing. This is not a drill, people. It’s a chance to have your most urgent questions answered, and the tsunami will only grow until the November 12th release date.

It’s exciting, and everyone is a little kid again as we wait for next week’s gamer Christmas. We’re going to try to distract ourselves with games until the blessed day arrives. Other than trying to track down a PS5 like millions of other people, what will you be doing this weekend?

Yasmine Hubbard

With the new gaming generation in-sight, I don’t want to get too invested starting a new game for then my time to be diverted. I’ve got a small attention span at the best of times…

Therefore, I’ll probably play some good old Apex Legends (especially as the new season has just dropped) alongside returning to Sonic Mania and try to finally get all the chaos emeralds.

Stuart Mclean

With the clock ticking until next-gen I’m having one last sweep of my gaming library for any unfinished games, in the hope I can last the final stretch without buying anything new. Having heard good things about Ghosts of Tsushima Legends mode I have been trying to get into that again, but it still isn’t hooking me the way I hoped it would. Between that and a game for review, my weekend is sorted gaming wise.

Chris Harding

I’m playing… Assassin’s Creed Valhalla! Albeit on the Xbox One X, and soon to be the Series S, and hopefully in the near future the Series X and the PS5. How many times do I really want to play it? Many times, but you’ll have to wait for my review on November 9th to find out why.

If I can pull myself away from Valhalla’s beautiful world, I might shoot Jeremy in the belly a few times in VR. I’ve also introduced Charlie to the original Star Wars Battlefront games, so I’ll be forced to play them in split-screen, too, but I enjoy it so it’s all good.

Hannah Ellis

I’ve got Stardew Valley in hand and a new controller for the Switch so I’ll let you work out what I’ll be playing this weekend… But I’ve also got back into FIFA, so there’s a Cup run going on, too.

Jason Frye

I’ll be working on ye olde PS4 games and reading reviews to see the truth of PS5 revealed until I can lay hands on one myself. I did start The Evil Within 2 for Halloween, and that’s scratched my itch for scary games. I have a couple of other projects in process, and I will be trying to learn a new video editing program. Try not to be jealous of my exciting life.

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