Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 235 – The First PS5 Weekend

The next-gen has officially started and we’re rolling into our first ever full weekend where next-gen consoles are in peoples’ homes. It’s exciting, isn’t it? For everyone on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s not quite as exciting as we’re still waiting for the PS5 to release on November 19th, but at least we have the Xbox, right?

Don’t fret if you’re still rocking the PS4 or the Xbox One, though – there are still loads of great games to play, even without a new expensive chunk of plastic under the TV. So, take your weekend and enjoy it, no matter where or how you play.

Chris Harding

I’ve got so much work to do it’s unreal. I’ve got reviews coming out of my bum, it’s that bad. Alright, it’s not that bad, but we’re definitely feeling the squeeze around Pure PlayStation as more and more games release. So, if you’re a budding writer and/or reviewer and fancy earning some pennies, get in touch!

I’m going to be playing more Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, then some Warhammer Chaosbane on Xbox Series S, as well as a bunch of other stuff for review – you’ll find out what when the reviews come out!

Yasmine Hubbard

With the PS5 coming out next week where I live (wish it came out here this week…) I’m intending to keep my gaming endeavours on the light side. Hopefully, I’ll scoop up the last few trophies I need for the platinum in Chicken Police, that I recently reviewed and really enjoyed. Other than that, I may catch up on the new season of The Mandalorian.

Jason Frye

After I figure out a few problems in my new video editor, I’ll be delivering one review and starting to play through another. I also want to play a little more Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I like the sanitized life of a Viking a lot, but it is weird for the game to keep telling me not to kill civilians, even when they stand next to enemies attacking me.

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Stuart McLean

This weekend will be all about one thing for me – hibernation. My plan is to try and avoid as many spoilers as possible before the PS5 is finally released here in the UK. Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and now Spider-Man: Miles Morales are all on my avoid list – I have already caved with the later and booted it up on the PS4 just to get me some of that web-swinging goodness, and to give me something to compare it to next week when I finally have that DualSense controller in my hand.

Hannah Ellis

This week seems to have beaten me, so I’m going to tap out whilst I retain some dignity and spend the weekend lounging about. But my PlayStation 4 won’t be complaining because I’ll be lavishing even more attention on it than normal, especially as it’s going to be staying for some time yet. So, with Okami HD on order, I will be protecting the skies in Ace Combat 7. And as I have a similar stature to Tom Cruise, I think I may well be Maverick by another name. That name being Miss May Day…

Jeremy Peterson

I think I’ll spend most of my gaming time this weekend in virtual reality trying to pretend my country and its leader isn’t a laughing stock. Speaking of being a sore loser, is that what I sound like when I lose in Population: One? God, I hope not. If I can’t pry Chris away from his full-time job of being a “YouTube Personality” to play some Pop: One or some Onward, then I’ll continue my quest to see the end of the bullet-hell extravaganza Exit the Gungeon on my trusty old PS4. Review coming soon on that one!

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