Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 240

It’s one week before Christmas and all through Pure PlayStation’s House,

The only creature that was stirring was the click click of a computer mouse.

With fewer and fewer games releasing,

I felt relief as my backlog (briefly) stopped increasing.

The children and I are nestled in front of a screen

To watch A Charlie Brown Chrismas and that b**** Lucy be mean.

Once kids are quietly asleep in their beds,

I and other parents can play games where we blast zombies and other undeads.

With Christmas only a week away,

We’re happy you’re here and hope you receive plenty from Santa’s sleigh.

Thanks for watching our reviews and reading our words

As we celebrate being the world’s biggest nerds.

Stuart McLean

Having finally broken up for the holidays, I now have time on my hands to jump into a few games I was saving until I could appreciate them fully – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077. Now, without saying any names, one of those games hasn’t had the best of launches, which makes me feel that I would be as well waiting for the fully next-gen version – so now my holidays consist of AC: Valhalla, which is fine by me! Plus, I have an Xbox Series X scheduled to arrive tomorrow so once that is up and running I plan to dive into the depths of Gamepass and see what takes my fancy.

Jeremy Peterson

A smart person would stop playing Cyberpunk 2077 and wait for the official PS5 release to enjoy that sweet rumble from the DualSense, but I’m just having too much fun. I wasn’t even planning on playing the game until sometime next year, and then only if the reviews suggested I should, but the review duties landed in my lap and now I can’t stop. What can I say, I’m impetuous and impatient. A deadly mix. When I’m not playing that, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has received its second patch this week and this one keeps getting better and better.

Hannah Ellis

After checking out our very own review (thanks, Jason), I am kicking back with AI: The Somnium Files. It’s been a busy week before what will be another busy week so it possesses the perfect amount of chatter to movement for my current energy levels. It is also keeping me distracted from the very tempting 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim – for this weekend, at least…

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Max Everett

The Cayo Perico update for GTA dropped this week which means if I do get to play anything this weekend, it will be a spot of GTA: Online.

Yasmine Hubbard

Is it socially acceptable to admit that you’re planning on getting out your retro dance mat on the PS2 this weekend, secretly wishing it was the late 00’s again? No? Damn. Okay, fine then. I was also intending to return to the expansive world that is Cyberpunk 2077. What? That’s a taboo as well? Nevermind…

Jason Frye

I envy Hannah’s self-control, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. It joins a number of games I’m playing on a carousel that includes Ghost of Tsushima and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. After talking to Jeremy and seeing a new patch, I’ll probably be swayed by the siren song of Wasteland 3 as well. There’s something for any mood there, and the only thing I lack (beyond gaming skill) is time.

Chris Harding

I’ve got lots to be doing this weekend, and unfortunately, not all of it is fun. I get to play games, sure, but I also have to review games. Which is work. Which sucks balls. I just wanna sit around and get fat like everybody else!

I’m going to be at my desk for most of Saturday playing catch up in the hope I can spend Sunday doing nothing. I’ll grab a big bottle of Pepsi, my favourite snacks, and watch some Christmas movies with the famalam. Then, when they’re in bed, I’ll finally get around to actually enjoying the PS5 and Series X, rather than just using them as work machines. Woe be me, right?

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