Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 242

Everyone is making predictions about 2021, so here is an easy one: this will be an amazing year for games. So many of 2020’s games were delayed (and more should have been delayed), and this increases the number of games in what would otherwise be a full year of releases. The PS5 will finally start to blast off with new games that tap into more of its power and potential, and some of those will be first-party games that are likely to dazzle us.

Will we see a new Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War this year? That’s harder to predict, but 2021’s overwhelming potential at the start of the year generates a lot of optimism for the unknown games we’ll play.

Until that avalanche of shiny new games is released, here’s what we’ll be doing this weekend. Be sure to hit the comments to let us know what’s happening in your world.

Chris Harding

I’m nursing the mother of all headaches and I don’t even have a hangover to show for it, so I think a little time away from screens may actually be good for me. Booo!!! I’ll surely play something, of course, but what? I’ve no idea. I’ve had a lot of fun today watching the boy and Beth play the Spyro remakes, so maybe I’ll continue to live through them? If I can stop feeling sorry for myself for longer than a minute, I might even dip back into Tropico 6; I’ve been playing it on-and-off via PS Vita Remote play, and my dictator skills could do with some brushing up…

Stuart Mclean

After one hectic week which just felt like one problem after another I’m looking forward to finally having a break and doing nothing for the weekend. Tonight, I have cracked open an adult beverage and I have finally made a start in AC: Valhalla. Exploring the wilderness and getting lost in the huge open world is exactly what I feel I need right now.

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Max Everett

I’m getting back into the swing of working again so I won’t be delving into anything new this weekend (boring I know). I will however be settling down with spots of GTA Online and Call of Duty in the evenings so I’m not game deprived.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’ve recently been utilizing games with cross-play (the struggles of playing with friends on different platforms). So, I’m currently downloading Dauntless and Need for Speed Heat that I nabbed during the January Sales on the PlayStation Store. In the meanwhile, I’m sure Apex Legends may make another appearance on my TV screen.

Jeremy Peterson

I finally got around to sideloading Dr. Beef’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the Quest 2 and it has been quite a trip to be inside that old castle 20 years after it originally released. When I’m not blasting away whatever lurks in there, I’ll be continuing my adventures in Tales of Glory 2 on PC VR. I swear it’s not as cheesy as the title suggests. Oh yeah, and maybe some Star Wars Squadrons on the PS5.

Hannah Ellis

I will be reading a lot thanks to Steins Gate Elite. I know the visual novel genre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find them very immersive. And it’s a great way to wind down before bed. When I’m not in the mood for a digital tome, I think I’ll be restarting Spider-Man – it’s a game that has survived being traded in many a time due to its superb action physics.

Jason Frye

It’s more backlog bonanza for me this weekend. I am trying to slowly get to the ending of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, because I don’t want it to end. I’ll probably cut a path through more Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima, and, if it doesn’t crash, I’d like to bring a little more of my approximation of justice to a post-apocalyptic Colorado in Wasteland 3.

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