Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 243

A Squirrel with good taste in games

It really feels like January is storming ahead. And I’m not sure, given the circumstances, whether that’s a blessing or a curse. But at least we can take comfort in our beloved gaming – and the little flurry of snow that graced our Isle; did you see that double decker bus skidding along sideways in Halifax!?! Scary stuff. Anyway, with the weekend once again upon us, we at Pure PlayStation HQ are downing our keyboards in favour of a controller. Yes, there will be reviews demanding our attention and we will struggle to keep our eyes away from breaking news. But given we spend so much time typing about the industry, it’s nice to get a chance to indulge ourselves once in a while.

And I bet you feel the same, come the end of a working week. So, how about you share with us your plans as we are about to do with you? We really are interested – honestly – and sometimes these little exchanges are a great source of new inspiration; I’ve had many a game added to my backlog thanks to the digital shenanigans this lot get up to.

Stuart McLean

A quiet weekend for me, and catching up on sleep is number one on the list. But for the few hours I do manage to stay awake, I’ll be continuing my exploration of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – trying to make a decent dent in it before Hitman 3 releases later next week.

Jason Frye

I will be spending most of the weekend with family, so I won’t have much time for gaming. When I do, I will be grinding out a few more levels in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’s overhead combat and giving Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order a try. I missed it originally, and the newly announced patch combined with the sale price makes it too tempting to ignore.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’ll be starting my first review for the year, and I’m feeling rather pumped to start the little bugger. Fingers crossed, my enthusiasm will keep, and I’ll make a good dent into this review during this weekend. However, If I have any spare time, I intend to catch up on the latest series of Attack on Titan. I’m scared my social media feed will soon ruin what happens. So, the sooner I can get around to watching it – the better.

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Max Everett

I’m planning on taking the weekend off after my little celebrity feud so I will be diving back into Resident Evil 2 with bouts of COD and GTA with my brother sewed in between. I might even give Umbrella Corps a go for the first time since Play Asia did their thing this past week.

Chris Harding

As usual, I’ve got a ton of work to do. January might be a dry month, but I’ve got a few reviews on the backburner to get done before we get swamped with work in February. On the PlayStation side I’ve got Firewall to play for an upcoming feature. On the Xbox, it’s whatever I fancy whenever I want. I’ve downloaded a dozen gamepass games so I’ll flick between them until something sticks. And on the VR side of life, I’ve got some Quest games to play for upcoming videos on Pure Play TV. A busy weekend ahead!

Jeremy Peterson

It’s been snowing sideways for 12 hours here and there is no end in sight. So when I’m not scooping snow, I’ll probably be hiding behind my Oculus Quest 2 trying to pretend real life doesn’t exist. I’ll be capturing plenty of PC VR and Quest videos for some features planned over at Pure PSVR and getting ready for some Hitman 3 in VR! Hopefully, I can fix my scratched up PSVR lenses in time…

Hannah Ellis

I’ve got a lot more of Steins Gate Elite to read/play through, not that I’m complaining. But another play through of Spiderman is also keeping me hooked, so the two will be competing for my attention like a pair of squabbling children. The only difference is the former hasn’t wrecked my figure; I’ve managed that all by myself…

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