Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 246

I’ve been thinking. Here in the UK, we are getting daily updates on just how many people have been vaccinated against Covid. So, for example, today we’ve hit 10.9 million and the news channel couldn’t wait to tell us. Using that as my inspiration, how about CD Projekt RED do something similar in their quest to cure Cyberpunk 2077 of its “issues”? You know, something like, “Today we’ve fixed the 10.9 millionth bug (only 10.9 million to go…)“. It would keep us all up to date as to where they are in the (very long) fix list and also give us an opportunity to watch a press conference that isn’t made up of the words, ‘Next slide please’.

That is, unless, CD Projekt RED decided to use slides…

Ok, maybe these Cyberpunk 2077 digs are getting a little old. But so am I – and tired, very very tired – so it’s all you’re going to get this weekend. However, I promise I’ll try to be more (Chris) Whitty the next time this duty falls on to my lap. In the meantime, how about you give us your best Boris* impression and share your plans for the weekend – or should that be, answer anything except what we’re asking?

*Other politicians are available – unfortunately.

Yasmine Hubbard

I’m intending to have an immature weekend of sorts. I have Bugsnax downloading on my PS5, alongside Team Sonic Racing. Being an adult and having responsibilities can disappear.

Jeremy Peterson

We had 13 inches of snow last week and more is on the way. But since Nebraska is the flattest spot on earth, all of that snow goes to waste. So I’m gonna stay inside and play a brand new snowboarding VR game for review. I’ve also been playing Frost Punk on PS Now and that is pretty cool.

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Max Everett

I head into this weekend with a lot on my plate and unfortunately not the culinary kind. If I do get down to play anything, it will be a “relaxing” session of GTA V, no thinking and just shooting.

Chris Harding
I’ve got a handful of reviews to work through this weekend, so I dont knowing I’ll be playing anything for the fun of it. Thankfully, some of those games are fun enough, like Werewolf: Apocalypse- Earthblood, and the family friendly Bonkies. I’ve also made a good start on The Falconeer on Xbox, so I wont be caught saying “I’m bored” this weekend.

Hannah Ellis

I’m still awaiting the final Stardew Valley update to drop, so that is what I’m definitely not playing this weekend. As for the opposite list, I’m moving on to Batman Arkham Knight (again) after finishing the Return to Arkham Collection. Saying that, Two Point Hospital is proving far too great a distraction that it should. So, don’t be surprised if I end up donning my Nurse’s Outfit… Who am I kidding? I’m still rocking my Marvel Onesie – just waiting for the trend to come round again (and it will!).

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